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With less than 48 hours on the countdown clock, David Beckham has still not responded to British comedian Joe Lycett’s ultimatum. He threatens to put 11,000 euros in paper money through the shredder live on the internet if Beckham does not stop as ambassador of the World Cup in Qatar. Lycett, known as a man of his word, must have set up the device.

“48 hours to go,” Lycett wrote on social media this afternoon with a photo of the shredder. The prankster, one of England’s best-known comedians, made headlines last week when he issued the ultimatum in a video, which now has 3.6 million views on Twitter.

David Beckham is an icon for the LGBTI community, Lycett stated in the video. He was the first major footballer to do photoshoots for gay magazines, often spoke about his gay fans and married a Spice Girl, Victoria. “The most homosexual thing you can do as a human being,” joked Lycett, herself part of the community.

But his message was serious. Lycett finds it indigestible that gay icon Beckham has signed a deal to promote the World Cup in Qatar, reportedly for 10 million pounds (11.5 million euros). He called Qatar “one of the worst places in the world to be gay.” “It is illegal there, you can get a prison sentence and, if you are Muslim, possibly the death penalty.”

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Beckham always describes football as something that can bring about positive change. He can now prove that, says Lycett. In the video, he picked up a stack of bills – £1,000 for every million Beckham reportedly catches – and pledged to donate it to charities that support LGBTQ people in football. At least, if David cuts ties with the organization.

,,If you don’t, I will put this money in a shredder next Sunday at noon, just before the opening ceremony of the World Cup”, Lycett said. “Not only the money, but also your status as an LGBTI icon will die.”

The comedian said to broadcast the shredding live on a specially registered website, It’s a pun referring to the movie Bend it like Beckham, which now means “gays like Beckham”. On the site, a clock counts down to the possible shredding moment.

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‘Incredibly disappointing’

Beckham has still not responded. Yesterday it became known that he calls the World Cup a platform for progress, inclusiveness and tolerance, according to this The Guardian. The former footballer has been under fire for some time because of his deal. England’s largest LGBT support group called it “incredibly disappointing” that someone who is “on a pedestal” with the community is taking money to promote an event in Qatar, reported The Guardian.

The committed Joe Lycett is not one for half measures. Two years ago he had his name officially changed to Hugo Boss, after the eponymous fashion brand had repeatedly threatened with lawsuits against small companies that also have ‘Boss’ in their name. Last year, he tackled Shell with a documentary series for alleged ‘greenwashing’, or advertising as if you were very environmentally friendly, while Shell is not, according to him.

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