the best OLED televisions during Black Friday

Black Friday is traditionally the time to buy a new television. Of course youwant a top image, so you choose OLED or QLED. But which deals are really worthit? We list a number of models from LG, Samsung and Sony at

QLED and OLED are two of the best picture technologies for televisions. WhereSamsung opts for QLED because of the warm colors, LG and Sony opt for OLEDbecause of true black tones. However, those TVs are quite pricey. Fortunately,they are considerably cheaper during Black Friday.

Samsung, LG and Sony OLED TVs during Black Friday

For this list, we have selected five different televisions from LG, Samsungand Sony on that are an excellent Black Friday deal. Here they come!

LG CS 65-inch

LGCSBeautifulimage on this LG. (Image:

When you talk about OLED televisions, you will soon end up with LG. The Koreanbrand makes fantastic TVs for gamers and binge watchers alike. The LG CS is noexception.

The LG CS contains the α9 Gen 5 AI processor that provides even better imagesby detecting people and objects and making them sharper. You score the 65-inchversion during Black Friday for 1,399 euros.

Sony Bravia XR 55-inch

Sony Bravia Black FridayOLEDGreatfor the living room. (Image:

Sony televisions are of course known for their fantastic picture. This Braviais no exception. offers a 33 percent discount on this televisionduring Black Friday. You also get a free soundbar that normally costs 270euros.

The special thing about this television is that it has a special NetflixAdaptive Calibrated Mode. This gives you an even better Netflix experience.The chip inside adjusts the image and sound to how people watch TV. You nowhave this television, including the Soundbar, for 1,333 euros.

Samsung QE 55-inch television

Samsung QLED OLED TV BlackFridayA nice TV!(Image:

Do you want QLED combined with OLED? Then you end up with QE-OLED. This givesyou a higher brightness compared to regular OLEDs, but the black tones. Thisway you can see even the smallest details razor sharp on this Samsung TV.

This television is also super slim, making it a gem in your living room.Normally you pay a lot for such a Samsung QE-OLED, but during Black Friday itis slightly cheaper. You already have it for 1,319 euros.

LG G2 55-inch OLED television

LG G2 OLED SmartTVA picture!(Image:

The LG G2 is the ideal OLED for people who expect a lot from their television.Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro splits the screen into 5000 blocks to further enhancethe image. The Brightness Booster ensures that you still have a clear imagedespite an OLED.

This TV is very thin, making it an ideal item to hang on the wall. You can nowscore this television extra cheaply during Black Friday. You have it for 1,429euros at

Samsung QE55QN90B during Black Friday

Samsung NEO QledNeo.(Image: Samsung)

This Samsung television differs slightly from the previous one in the list.This has a Neo QLED screen instead of QE-OLED. This television therefore has aMini LED screen, which means that there is even more accurate light control.As a result, there is a clear image with intense colors.

With this Samsung television, you also have good sound for a flat screen TV.For example, it is tuned to the place where the television is located andvoices are improved. It is also super simple to connect a soundbar where thetelevision works together optimally. You now have it for 1,369 euros duringBlack Friday.