Dirt-cheap phone with your subscription? These providers offer the best end-of-year discounts (and they really are that interesting) | Black Friday

MytelcoWe are in the last weeks of 2022 and that means that interesting discounts can be scored from telecom providers, including on subscriptions and smartphones. From Black Friday until after the end of the year, it’s worth taking a look. Mijntelco.be went looking for the best deals and tells you what you should take into account.

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The end-of-year discounts often take the form of smartphone deals, where you receive a smartphone device as a gift with your subscription or can buy it for a small price. But providers also offer interesting discounts on many other devices, such as TVs, laptops, tablets and smartwatches. In addition, you can often also take advantage of discounts on bundles. We list some interesting deals and explain what you should look out for.

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Smartphones at bargain prices

Smartphone deals can be found on the homepages of the mobile providers just about everywhere these days. For example, Telenet offers an Apple iPhone 11 (64 GB) for 199 euros instead of 529 euros. But the promo for a Samsung Galaxy A53 (128 GB) and a Galaxy Watch4 for a combined price of 199 euros instead of 538 euros also catches the eye. The promo applies to Telenet customers, new or existing, who opt for a ONE bundle, or to customers who decide to upgrade their ONE subscription to ONE UP.

Orange goes a step further and offers smartphones from 9 euros, some even from 1 euro. You must choose a Smart Data subscription of 15 euros per month for 24 months, on top of a subscription of 21 euros per month.

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Calculation is the message

If you want to purchase a smartphone device linked to a subscription from Proximus, it is best to do some calculations. Take the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, which normally costs 1,199.99 euros without a subscription. If you are not yet a Proximus customer, you can get the device for 199 euros, together with a Mobilus M subscription of 26.99 euros per month. In addition, you also have to take out a DataPhone subscription with 3.5 GB of 35 euros per month.

Total cost: 61.99 euros per month. Anyone who terminates the subscription within 24 months owes the residual value of the device. In other words, you don’t get the benefit out of it.

Promotions with bundles

Those who opt for a bundle can also enjoy a few promos this year. For example, Proximus offers the Flex pack for EUR 78.99 per month. It includes unlimited internet, a mobile Flex S subscription (unlimited calling, texting and 5 GB data) and television via the decoder. Those who choose it can also get a Samsung 55-inch smart TV for an extra 99 euros and also enjoy free installation.

Telenet is also putting forward a number of bundle promotions, such as ‘punishing internet and TV for a great price’. This comes in the form of Easy Internet and Telenet TV for 45 euros per month for three months, instead of 57.68 euros. With many bundles you currently also enjoy free activation.

With the Orange Love Pack (Duo or Trio) you can save up to 23 euros today. For internet, TV and a mobile subscription you pay 18 euros per month during the first three months if you choose Love now. That amounts to a benefit of 54 euros. New Orange customers can also benefit from half-price internet for three months if they sign up for the Love Mobile + Internet subscription.

Fine print

The disadvantage of bundled sales is that you are stuck with your subscription for 12 to 24 months. That is quite a long time, especially in times of rapidly changing rates. So don’t just be tempted by a new device, but take a moment to calculate the full cost.

You have to take everything into account: how much the device costs new, what the discount price is, how much you have to pay monthly for the corresponding subscription and for how many months, and what the remaining costs are if you cancel the subscription early.

An additional disadvantage is that you cannot choose the subscription that suits you best. You can only do that after 12 or 24 months. If you cancel your subscription earlier, the smartphone will remain yours, but you will have to pay a cancellation fee. The amount is calculated on the basis of the difference between the original price of the device and your discount price.

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