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BVSaartje Vandendriessche (47) has been fired by the VRT, she confirms via social media. Vandendriessche was a broadcaster for One for many years and made various programs for public broadcasting for more than 17 years, including the recent ‘Saar in the forest’. In addition to Saartje, Tomas De Soete was also thanked for services rendered. That news was confirmed to our editors.

Little by little it becomes clear who exactly was fired at VRT in the round of layoffs earlier this week. As part of the transformation plan, it was decided that some 68 people would have to leave. Earlier it became known that Geena Lisa and reporter Annick Ruyts, among others, had been fired, but it now appears that Saartje Vandendriessche must also leave.

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“It is true that I no longer work for VRT,” Saartje responds via Instagram. “For some time now, there have been talks with the VRT about converting my employee status to self-employed status. This discontinuation of the employee status is therefore no surprise.” However, Vandendriessche says that future collaborations with the VRT are still possible. “In the future, I will certainly continue to devote my time and energy to those subjects that are close to my heart and that still get me really excited. At the VRT or through other channels.”

The right idea

The presenter was seen from 2005 to 2015 as an announcer at One. She was also one of the faces of ‘Vlaanderen Vakantieland’ and presented, among other things, ‘De Nudekalender’ on One and ‘De Pretshow’ on Ketnet. She recently made the program ‘Op de man af’ for the public broadcaster, in which she took on a sporting challenge against a male opponent every week, and ‘Saar in the forest’, in which she tried to survive in the forest for three weeks.

Earlier this year she released the book ‘Nooit meer tired’. In an interview with NINA about the book, she said that she had just recorded a talk show for Proximus Pickx. “In it I talk to two well-known guests. I am also still active at VRT. But I am not waiting for them to come up with something,” said Vandendriessche. “I develop things myself such as ‘Saar in the woods’ and ‘True to man’. I just haven’t found the right idea yet. But I still like doing TV. I know what I am very good at. And my stories have not yet been told.” Her age didn’t matter, she thought. “People sometimes dare to say that: ‘You are approaching fifty’ – but so what? They question the combination of that age on television. That’s their opinion. It’s up to me to fight against that.”


Tomas De Soete, TV maker and radio voice, also no longer works for the public broadcaster. That news was confirmed to our editors. De Soete made a name for himself as a presenter at Studio Brussel, and later made several VRT programs, such as ‘Fiskepark’.

Listen below to the HLN podcast De Mediawatchers in which the dismissals at the VRT are discussed by our journalists:

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