these are the 5 very best gadgets in Las Vegas

CES 2023 is almost over. Good thing too, because WANT editor-in-chief Mark isbecoming a bigger nerd by the day. It’s because of all the nice gadgets he gotto see in Las Vegas this week. But what are the favourites?

Making a choice between all the products I’ve seen in the past week isdifficult. Although there are of course always gadgets that make the mostimpression or stay with you the most. Reason enough to put that in a row.

CES 2023: The 5 Best Gadgets in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has been really good to me this past week. Although the party is notover for me, I can already tell you that CES 2023 has once again beenunforgettable. Although I told you that you are already in the _Freakin ‘Nerds _of this week.

The only thing I couldn’t tell you there was which products have managed toimpress me the most. Now you can, fortunately.

#1 TCL RayNeo X2

AR, also known as Augmented Reality, is the future. So says Uncle Mark fromMeta and Uncle Tim from Apple. So what happens: CES 2023 is full of them.

But where they are usually very large clumsy glasses, TCL takes a more subtleapproach with its RayNeo X2. The glasses come closer to the real thing. But nomore than that.

Consumers can’t get started with it, but developers will have the opportunityto use it this year. These glasses are ideal for developing the technology andthe daily use that comes with it.

Then it’s up to TCL to make the glasses a lot more subtle, because this boy isHUGE.

CES 2023, Las Vegas,GadgetsFine glasses (Image: Mark Hofman /BECAUSE)

#2 CES 2023: BMW I Vision Dee

Few people will have missed that BMW introduced a car that can change colorduring CES 2023. It’s about the I Vision Dee. Which I then got to admire withmy own eyes.

It is not new, because last year BMW already showed a concept called the iXflow. This model was able to change from black to white or gray. And backagain of course. This year we get to see an upgrade, which practically givesus a glimpse into the production process.

BMW is far, because this year there are actual colors to use on the car. Withthe help of E-Ink technology, the car can change in no less than 32 colors.

CES 2023, Las Vegas,GadgetsDee-lightful (Image: Mark Hofman / BECAUSE)


Televisions: there are models that roll, models that fold and models that youcan peek right through with your viewing doppert. The technology is not new,but LG is also making an attempt to perhaps leave it on. Fair is fair: theOLED T is an impressive piece of tech.

Countless companies have already tried, but LG really seems to be a strongcontender to make the product category big. Although we don’t know much aboutit yet, I was able to admire the gem today. The image quality is good once thescreen shows its insides (sounds pretty dirty).

Of course, it is not intended to hang the television on the wall, but, forexample, to place it somewhere where there is still space behind the whopper.Stylish piece of hardware, if you ask me (but nobody asks).

CES 2023, Las Vegas,GadgetsTransparent as the nits (Image: Mark Hofman/ BECAUSE)

#4 CES 2023: Displace TV

Displace TV has been stealing the show online since day 1. That is not verysurprising, because this is one of the two televisions at the fair that workcompletely wirelessly. So without connections.

The smart television weighs less than 10 kilograms, has a 55-inch screen andcarries a battery that lasts no less than 30 days on a full charge. Toactually be able to display content, a Wi-Fi 6 or even Wi-Fi 7 connection isrequired.

Well, isn’t that nice? It won’t be cheap, but we don’t know exactly how muchit will cost yet.

CES 2023, Las Vegas,GadgetsThe future is today (Image: Mark Hofman /BECAUSE)

#5 ASUS ProArt StudioBook

I already talked about it during my second day at CES 2023, but I still thinkit belongs in the list. It is a laptop with a 3D screen that you can usewithout special glasses: the ProArt StudioBook.

The eyeballs are traced by cameras, so that the 3D animation always looksgood. You can then decide for yourself whether you want to bring the imagecloser to you or have more depth.

It won’t be cheap and you and I probably won’t buy it. Why not? Because thisthing was made for graphic people. They also get a special stylus with whichthey can edit real-time 3D animations.