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MusicThe summer of her life gets a sequel. After successful DJ sets on stages worldwide, Amber Broos (20) now gets her own show on One World Radio – Tomorrowland’s radio station. At twenty, the youngest DJ in a line-up full of stars, but certainly not the least. “Twelve-year-old Amber wouldn’t even believe this.”

“Do you have a moment? Then I put my book away”, Amber Broos laughs when we get her on the phone. “I am currently in full exams, and I am studying.” Not that the communication sciences student from Leuven will soon be less busy, on the contrary. After all, today it became known that Amber is getting her own radio show on One World Radio. Every second Sunday of the month she treats listeners to her unique style in ‘Sorry For The Noise’ – in which techno, house and Belgian retro-inspired music take the upper hand. “I really can’t believe I can check this off my bucket list. I started around the age of thirteen. My dad Joeri has been a DJ himself for years. He also has his own DJ school where I used to practice after school. Not only has he passed on his passion to me, he is also my biggest fan. Is he not jealous? No, he is genuinely happy that I get to experience all this. Together with mom, he also accompanies me to every performance. Although they can handle it well, they are forced to be night owls, because I don’t have a driver’s license yet. I passed my theoretical exam during the corona crisis, the practical part will hopefully follow in March.”

Nervous debut in Boom

At the age of sixteen, Amber took the step that would define her career rather by chance. “I had responded to a question from Studio Brussel. It was about the inequality between men and women in the music industry. One thing led to another and so I was allowed to work as a resident DJ. That eventually led to its own show with ‘UNTZ’.”

“Of course I was proud of that, but Tomorrowland also remained a dream. I really look up to artists like Charlotte de Witte and Amelie Lens, and they have played the tiles of the roof so often. As a DJ they are an example. And then suddenly it happened last year. When I saw that booking, I was blown away. And then stress. Before my very first set, I was so nervous that I couldn’t fully enjoy it.”

Not that she had long to think about it. After her debut in Boom, she immediately went to Ibiza. There Amber was allowed to play for the first time in the legendary club Ushuaïa. “I was programmed just before Paul Kalkbrenner. Insanely, and 2023 has started just as nicely. Not only is there ‘Sorry for the Noise’, but I will soon also be playing on the mainstage of Tomorrowland Winter. I hope to be able to smuggle some of my own music into my set by then. If I could go back in time and tell this to 12-year-old Amber, she wouldn’t believe it. (laughs)

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