Eva Koreman is shocked by messages on social media: ‘Ranzig’

Eva Koreman has been sent ‘raunchy’ dick pics in the past. That is what the3FM DJ tells in the program The Most Dangerous Roads, where she travelsthrough the Spanish Picos de Europe with former footballer and trainer GertjanVerbeek. Koreman says she mainly receives annoying messages when she expressesher opinion on certain topics on social media.

Especially when she has said something that can be perceived as left-wing, shegets nasty reactions. “Then you are a left-wing cancer whore who has to beraped by refugees. I am really, really scared about that. I always thoughttolerance was a nice word and I was proud, because the Netherlands is atolerant country. But actually I want to live in an accepting country, awelcoming country, and not in a country that just tolerates people.”

Annoying reactions on social media

Verbeek also says in the program that he has received nasty messages. “In thecurrent time with social media you are sometimes taken down hard. Andespecially by anonymous people.” In the time that he was a trainer of FCTwente, he even received a bullet letter. “I received it in an envelope. Ihave not filed any charges, but he has been tracked down and has expressed hisregret.”

Verbeek never received extra security at home, but he did when he left the> stadium, when he worked as a trainer at FC Twente. “It was very distressing> for my family. My wife especially had a hard time with it. He got really> scared too. He started reading more and more on social media. I deliberately> do not do that out of self-protection.”

“I have to take a look at the marriage with 3FM again”

Koreman joined in The Most Dangerous Roads also on 3FM. “The biggest problemis that we are traditionally a youth channel. But young people no longer feellike listening to the radio. They are messing around on YouTube, Spotify andTikTok.” It also went wrong with the channel due to a sloppy policy. “Everytwo years a new person came, who started to pee over something and mixeverything up.”

However, it is not only the executives who are discussing a new identity forthe radio station. “We talk about that all the time. That can’t be any otherway if you love something so much. Sometimes I wish I had a little more shit.That I just come and make my program and worry a little less. I really need totake another look at the marriage I have with 3FM,” she tells Verbeek. “Thattakes some searching.”