Viewers melt from Erna and André in Heel Holland Bakt

Bakers ready? Bake! The new episode of All of Holland bakes last night was all about caramel. But viewers had mostly eye for the friendship that seems to arise between presenter André van Duin and baker Erna.

“Can Erna and André make a program together? What a wonderful duo,” writes a viewer on Twitter.

Sweet, sweeter, sweetest in Heel Holland Bakt

In the All of Holland bakeskitchen, the bakers have to put three sweets on the table this week to prove themselves. No Van Gogh artworks this time, but a French tarte tatin, a technical assignment with toffee and a croquembouche as icing on the cake.

Bakker and social worker Erna explains to Van Duin how she will approach the French tarte tatin. “I’m going to make a kind of syrup with ginger and pineapple. And then I will also make caramel”, Erna begins. “And you put that caramel on the paper?” asks Van Duin doubtfully, looking at the paper in the pan. “Yes, I was planning to. But now that you ask that question I get a sense of; well, it can also be done without paper”, laughs Erna. “Is that right?” Van Duin admits that he has indeed never seen making caramel on paper.

In the end, Erna manages to put a nice tarte tatin on the table. Only she has forgotten the sugar in the accompanying whipped cream… “Well then I think I don’t have to,” laughs presenter Janny van der Heijden. But she still takes a bite together with Van Duin and Robèrt van Beckhoven. Unfortunately for Erna, the three are not very impressed with her tarte tatin and the spicy whipped cream.

Babblers prove to be a major challenge

In the other two assignments Erna also fails to rise above the other bakers. For the technical assignment, the bakers have to make babblers. Something that sounds simple, but turns out to be quite difficult. Erna gets stressed several times while making the babblers, especially when her babbler dough resembles a “muscle”. “Oh no, this can’t be! I’m really at the bottom of the list”, Erna sighs with a laugh. “I am becoming a toffee myself.”

Erna is not the only one who finds making the babblers difficult. “What a mess”, baker Jan sighs. “Ben, do you have any tips?” he asks hopefully. Co-baker Ben has to laugh, but doesn’t immediately give a tip. To Jan’s disappointment: „Competition huh? Then you immediately know what the situation is.” Fortunately for him, Ben eventually rushes over to give Jan a helping hand.

About the end result of all babblers is the All of Holland bakesjury not satisfied. Unfortunately for Jan and Erna, the help they received is not enough: they end up with their babblers in second to last and last place. Bakker Geraldine goes there after the first baking day of this one All of Holland bakesepisode took first place.

Croquembouche the last challenge of the day

For the last assignment, the bakers have to make a croquembouche (a choux tower). After that, the day starts already stressed: “It was very difficult for me to get to sleep. I had a lot of adrenaline, but then I fell asleep like a log. Until suddenly I felt a kiss on my cheek. That turned out to be my husband, who woke me up because I had to go back to work,” she explains. Because Erna also dangles at the bottom of the list, the pressure is even greater. Fortunately, Van Duin is there to support her.

The other bakers are also nervous. After all, it is the last assignment of the day and certainly not the easiest. Mercedes explains how the cake collapsed when she went to try this at home. “Now I have to do it, while it hasn’t worked out at all at home,” she laughs nervously. Making the croquembouche is also not easy, Van Beckhoven explains. “It is a stacked choux tower with crunchy caramel profiteroles. They must have a light filling, because you must be able to stack them. Sounds simple huh? That’s not it.”

Erna her Heel Holland Bakt adventure is coming to an end

Just like last week, baker Zineb stands out above the other bakers. The jury is most impressed by her croquembouche. “The taste is very special. Well done”, Van Beckhoven compliments her. It is therefore no surprise to many viewers that Zineb is appearing in this for the second time All of Holland bakesseason as Master Baker.

Unfortunately for Erna it holds All of Holland bakesadventure on. “I knew it. It’s good this way”, Erna responds, who fortunately can still laugh after the bad news. “I enjoyed it immensely.” Erna says goodbye to all jury members and gives Van Duin a big hug. “You really are a great guy,” she laughs. Erna also reveals a secret: “I signed up to see you.” Van Duin bursts into laughter. “Then you could have just called!” One thing is certain: the All of Holland bakesviewers love this duo.

Fortunately, Erna doesn’t have to make the journey home alone. When she shoots the last bit in front of the camera, her husband appears behind her. With a bunch of flowers.

You can watch all of Holland Bakt again via NPO Start.

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