Streaming instead of linearly watching television: you save that much money | September Money Month

mining coLinear television viewing is increasingly a thing of the past. Adecoder is therefore no longer a must, because nowadays you can also watch TVonline or via an app. It is often perfectly possible to omit your decoder fromyour subscription, and that saves on your bill for internet and shows you what you can save.

By Felix Ferret, in collaboration with Mijntelco 19-09-22, 10:01

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Telenet recorded about 50,000 fewer TV customers last year. Fewer and fewerpeople watch linear TV, but do so online via streaming when it suits them.Today, the various telecom players are trying to respond to this need byoffering online TV via an app as an alternative. In that case you no longerneed a decoder. If you opt for online TV via streaming, the choice of yourcorresponding internet subscription is important, and more specifically thespeed of your internet.

‘ Regular television’ or streaming: These are the main differences.

Limited number of channels

Especially for those who only watch a limited number of channels, watching TVonline is an interesting option. For example, Telenet and Orange now offer theoption of adding TV without a decoder to your subscription. Their bundles alsoinclude unlimited high-speed internet, which is a must for high-definitionstreaming on multiple devices at once.

In addition to the flexibility and the ability to watch different channels ondifferent devices at the same time, watching TV online offers otheradvantages. This way you can rewatch programs if you missed the start, andwatch recordings up to 60 days later, wherever and whenever you want.

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When it comes to internet speed, Orange is the undisputed frontrunner in thisstory. The Orange TV Lite package includes online TV and internet at speeds ofup to 400 Mbps. You can watch TV via the Orange TV Plus app, which youdownload on your smart TV or on another device. You can enjoy twenty channels,including the most popular Flemish and French-language channels.

For Orange TV Lite you pay 8.50 euros per month. By way of comparison: anyonewho adds TV to his package via a decoder pays 17 euros per month. Combine yourTV Lite with fast internet from Orange, which gives you internet speeds of upto 100 Mbps, and the monthly final amount for TV and internet is EUR 50.50.

Within many families, streaming is not only limited to online TV, movies andseries are also streamed, often on different devices at the same time. In thatcase, Orange TV Lite with super-fast internet is a better choice. For 59.50euros per month you can enjoy online TV and internet with speeds of up to 400Mbps.


Telenet also comes with an offer that allows you to watch television without adecoder. With TV flow, you can watch TV without a Telenet TV box, viastreaming. You then watch online TV on your smart TV or via the Telenet app onanother device. You can choose from fourteen Flemish channels.

For TV flow you do have to make a combination in your package with All-Internet from Telenet, with which you can enjoy unlimited internet at speedsof up to 300 Mbps. For All-Internet and TV flow together you pay 67.62 eurosper month. If you decide to watch TV with a decoder, you pay 87.12 euros permonth. If you use a decoder, high internet speeds are less important andTelenet’s Easy Internet is sufficient in most cases. You pay 60.85 per monthfor the Easy Internet and TV iconic package.


Today, Proximus also offers Pickx the option to watch TV wherever and wheneveryou want on your favorite device. Pickx is standard included in your Flexpack. It offers you one central platform for live TV with eighty channels,streaming, and movies and series on demand. A decoder remains included in yourpackage. For a Flex pack with unlimited surfing up to 100 Mbps you pay 63.99euros per month.