A special Prinsjesdag for Amalia: crown princess makes her debut | royal family

Prinsjesdag is extra special for Amalia this year: the crown princess ispresent for the first time at the reading of the speech from the throne. Herfather still takes up the nomination, but since her eighteenth birthday, theprincess is increasingly given a role at official occasions. What does she doon Tuesday and what does she wear?

By Hasna Elbaamranic

Princess Amalia turned eighteen on December 7, 2021, which means that fromthat moment on she has different rights and responsibilities. For example, sheis entitled to a generous salary of 1.6 million euros per year, which,incidentally, she renounces during her student days.

Amalia will also increasingly be asked to perform public duties. For example,she was already present at a dinner of the Council of State last Wednesday andshe made her first official trip to Norway in June. From now on she will alsobe asked more often to attend openings or to cut a ribbon.

On Tuesday, Amalia will be present for the first time on Prinsjesdag with herfather and mother. Because the Binnenhof is currently being renovated, thereading of the speech from the throne will take place until at least 2026 inthe Koninklijke Schouwburg in The Hague. The crown princess does not sit on athrone, but sits – just like her father on his first Prince’s Day in 1985 – inthe hall.

The daughter(s) of Queens Wilhelmina and Juliana and sons of Queen Beatrixwere often present during Prinsjesdag. We may also see Amalia’s sisters, fromtheir eighteenth birthday, on this occasion in the future. Incidentally, it isnot the case that Amalia has to be there every year from now on; her fatheralso sometimes missed a Prinsjesdag because of his studies and militaryservice.

Amalia already knows the route to that room. In June she rode with theprocession that practiced the route to the new location. Then she completedthe route on horseback. On Tuesday she will ride in the Glass Carriage.

Princess Amalia at the Council of State dinner in September.

Photo: BrunoPress

What attracts Amalia?

On Budget Day, of course, the speech from the throne and the presentation ofthe budget statement of millions and the national budget are central, butpeople are also eagerly looking forward to the hat parade. On the thirdTuesday of September, most women traditionally wear headgear.

It remains to be seen whether Amalia will do the same. At least we never sawher with a hat before. Her mother, Queen Máxima, usually opts for colorfulcreations on Prinsjesdag. Her favorite designers are Natan Couture, ClaesIversen and Jan Taminiau. Máxima often wears a headgear.

When Amalia took a seat on the Council of State last December, she was notwearing a hat, which is customary on official occasions. Also on Prinsjesdagthe etiquette applies that women wear a dress with headgear or hairdecoration.

Amalia wears clothing from all kinds of brands, including affordable brandssuch as H&M and Zara. Another brand that we often see the princess in isLaDress. She wore this mark, among other things, on her portrait photos thatwere made in honor of her eighteenth birthday. Another possibility is that sheis wearing something from her mother. The crown princess, like her sisters,regularly dives into Máxima’s closets.