new Chromecast already for sale in the Netherlands

The Chromecast HD with Google TV has yet to be officially announced, but the streaming device is already for sale in several countries.

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UPDATE 13.10: The new Chromecast with Google TV can also be ordered in the Netherlands, discovered Android Planet. The streaming dongle is for sale at and MediaMarkt for 39.99 euros. Android Planet has also spotted the Chromecast with Google TV HD in a physical store of the MediaMarkt.

The Chromecast with Google TV (HD) is already sold in stores.

Remarkable is the name of the dongle, which is referred to by the web shops as ‘2K HD’ and not the name we’ve seen a lot before: Google Chromecast HD with Google TV. It is clearly indicated on the packaging that it is the HD version. The more expensive 4K version therefore has ‘4K’ on the box.

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Chromecast HD with Google TV appears at online stores

For some time now there have been rumors about the Chromecast HD with Google TV, the new and affordable streaming dongle. No announcement has been made yet, but this is likely to change soon. The famous smartphone insider Roland Quandt now reports that the Chromecast is already on sale in Germany.

Google Chromecast HD with Google TV

The HDMI dongle can be ordered from various web stores. The web shops ask 45 to 51 euros for the Chromecast HD and say they can deliver the new Google gadget within a few days. Quandt also reports that the new Chromecast is already for sale in various other countries.

Google will probably present the Chromecast HD with Google TV on October 6. On that day, a Made by Google event will take place, where the Pixel 7 (Pro) and Pixel Watch will also be officially unveiled. It is still unclear whether the new Chromecast will appear in the Netherlands, but this seems plausible. After all, the previous Chromecast has been officially sold in our country since this year.

This is the new Chromecast with Google TV

The Chromecast HD with Google TV is a cheaper alternative to the Chromecast with Google TV from 2020. The device would be a few tens cheaper and will cost about 40 euros, while you pay 69 euros for the current version. The new streaming dongle looks the same from the outside as its predecessor, but there is one important (and big) difference.

The new Chromecast streams movies and series to the maximum in full HD quality, while the current model can also handle sharper 4K images. In addition, the device probably has a slower processor and less RAM. We do expect the latest version of Google TV, based on Android 12.

The Chromecast HD again comes with a remote control to navigate through the interface. You can download apps from all popular streaming services, such as Netflix, HBO Max, Videoland and Disney Plus. Google TV provides viewing recommendations and has a handy watch list function, which allows you to save interesting titles for later.

Chromecast with Google TV: getting started with the new streaming gadget

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