Fantastic Beasts star climbs bookmakers as new James Bond

Who will be the next James Bond after Daniel Craig? That discussion keeps Twitter, the British betting offices and us very busy. In addition to Henry Cavill, a striking candidate also appears in the favorites lists: a Fantastic Beasts star.

Daniel Craig already said na Spectre (2015) would rather slit his wrists than do another James Bond film. Still, a big bag of money and the promise knew that all loose ends are gone character arc tied together to convince him to return as the iconic movie hero one more time.

Daniel Craig is ready

Precisely the fact that his films would have a dignified ending with No Time to Die convinced the British. He would go through a deep physical valley one more time in his fifties to close that chapter of his life.

We won’t give away any details, but the film’s ending makes that ending just that: final. An end. Whether producer Barbara Broccoli comes with a reboot or not, you should not expect Craig as Bond in the next film.

But then who? Because it is clear that the film franchise is not going to stop. It is not without reason that Amazon bought the iconic franchise for many millions.

James Bond ‘reinvented’ in first film after Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig gives spicy opinion about possible female James Bond
Bond producers Barbara Broccoli (L) and Michael G. Wilson (Image: AFP PHOTO / LEON NEAL)

Requirements for the new James Bond

Broccoli hasn’t released much about her plans, besides saying that the new James Bond “should be a man, because it’s simply not appropriate for a woman to step into this role. In addition, he must be British. So that says nothing about color or orientation,” she told The Hollywood Reporter earlier this year.

All nice and nice, but who will be the new 007? Speculation about that issue has been going on ever since Spectre came out the internet and British bookmakers in process.

Bookmakers go wild

Betting shops allow anyone to bet money on who will succeed Daniel Craig as James Bond. The resulting rankings of the top contenders for the role are treated almost like sports scores in the British media. Important stuff.

There is a good chance that Broccoli will eventually go for an unknown actor. Despite this, names such as Tom Hiddleston, Idris Elba and Henry Cavill have long topped the favorites lists of bookmakers.

Since then, Elba has already unsubscribed, and Hiddleston is probably too old for the part. The producers behind the long-running franchise are probably looking for a young talent, someone with whom you can really go for years.

Someone viewers only associate with James Bond, rather than a familiar face. Can you already picture Cavill? Then you immediately think of Superman or The Witcher.

Who are the favorites now?

Anyway, in the meantime it has been almost a week since we took stock at the betting offices. However, that was about the average of twenty betting shops.

LadBrokes’ top 9 is slightly different. And here we focus on (read: we hope for) the most striking new name in the list, the 32-year-old actor Callum Turner. He has shot up quite a bit in the list of contenders. A name that probably means little to you, but chances are you’ve already seen it in action.

New James Bond Harry Potter
Callum Turner (right) as Theseus Scamander (Image: Warner Bros.)

Fantastic Beasts star

He plays in the Fantastic Beastsmovies namely the brother of lead actor Newt, Theseus Scamandar. The best man was born in London and grew up in Chelsea. For the producers behind James Bond, he is probably the perfect combination of acting experience, skills and yet a face that is still relatively unknown.

The top 9 betting shops

Furthermore, the list of biggest contenders for the role still largely consists of the same names. We list them for you below:

  1. Henry Cavill (2/1)
  2. Rege Jean Page (7/2)
  3. Idris Elba (4/1)
  4. Tom Hardy (5/1)
  5. Chiwetel Ejiofor (13/2)
  6. James Norton (10/1)
  7. Aidan Turner (12/1)
  8. Callum Turner (16/1)
  9. Richard Madden (20/1)

no science

You already notice: what fans bet their money on is not necessarily what is actually realistic. Recently, Idris Elba already said he doesn’t see himself as James Bond, and the Lutherstar is probably too old too.

Henry Cavill once had the chance to become James Bond, but it’s probably too late for him too. Don’t take these rankings too seriously. It’s more of a fascinating thermometer of what the general public is hoping for than an analysis or Hollywood science.

Or can Cavill soon add another mega franchise to his resume? Who knows!

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Fantastic Beasts star climbs bookmakers as new James Bond

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