Makers Temptation Island did not know about reports Mores reporting point

Producer SimpelZodiak and broadcaster RTL were not aware of reports oftransgressive behavior made by former participants of the ‘Temptation Island:Love or Leave’ program to the Mores hotline. The media companies say this inresponse to an item from ‘Show news’ in which it was stated on Friday eveningthat several candidates had reported the aforementioned behavior during therecording of the program.

“We take that very seriously”

“We are somewhat positive that the candidates concerned are able to find hotline”, says SimpelZodiak. is the joint hotlinefor undesirable behavior in the performing arts, film and television sector.”At the same time, we strive to ensure that candidates feel safe enough tocontact us. We will always enter into discussions to clarify the situation andsolve the problem together, so that we can also learn from specificsituations.”

RTL also says that it was not aware of the reports to Mores, but just like theproducer would like participants to report if they experience undesirablebehavior during recordings. “Together with the producer, we naturally doeverything we can to make the recording period go smoothly for all involved.If something does happen, we would of course prefer that participants feelsafe enough to start a conversation with the producer or with us. , or withthe confidential advisers. Then we can find a solution together. That alwaysapplies, even after the recordings and broadcasts.”

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From the item of Show news it was not clear what exactly would have happenedduring the shooting of Temptation Island: Love or Leave. It was also notstated over which period the reports were made. This is in connection with theprivacy of the reporters and because of their fear of also does not want and cannot confirm that the reports have beenmade due to confidentiality.

Lawyer and Show news expert Natascha Harlequin told the desk on Friday morebroadly about what would have happened. For example, candidates were said tofeel ‘manipulated’ and ‘feel pressured’, ‘their well-being was not takenseriously’ and ‘the participants were urged to drink alcohol’.

The candidates would also be afraid of fines, because they had to sign aconfidentiality obligation for their participation. It does state that thisdoes not apply to reports of undesirable behaviour, but because explicitreference is made to the producer and the broadcaster, it is not clear to thecandidates whether this is also allowed with an external party such as Mores.

RTL and SimpelZodiak are clear about this in their responses. “We encourageeveryone to report undesirable behavior, the penalty clause absolutely doesnot apply to this,” says SimpelZodiak. RTL agrees. “Let’s be very clear:participants will never be fined for making a report or for discussingsomething. We take that very seriously.”


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Both media parties also state that they are already doing a lot to preventtransgressive behavior during recordings. “We have a clear protocol for ourreality and dating programs. This is actively discussed with our producers andregularly evaluated and refined. This stipulates, for example, that acandidate supervisor, confidential counselor and psychologist must always beavailable for participants and other involved parties.” says a spokesperson