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updateArjen Lubach’s satirical item about the Russian referendum in Ukraine has been viewed many millions of times within a day and a half. The video has also reached Russian viewers, partly thanks to a message on Twitter by journalist Olaf Koens.

The item has been viewed 1.1 million times in Koens’ message alone. The video is also circulating in Russian Telegram groups. The referendum video is Lubach’s biggest online success since he started with The Evening Showconfirms producer Human Factor TV.

Lubach responded with the item, which was posted on Wednesday evening The Evening Show on Russian President Putin’s decision to hold a referendum on affiliation with Russia in parts of Ukraine. Lubach argues that a referendum should also be held on Russia joining the Netherlands, because of the long historical ties between the two countries.

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winter games

“Our King Willem IV is also your king”, the video claims. “Because in 1816 Anna Pavlovna, the daughter of Tsar Paul I, married Willem II, the ancestor of Willem IV.” The photo is shown below of Willem-Alexander and Máxima who drank a beer with President Putin in 2014, during the Winter Games in Sochi.

Lubach also argues in his video that Maria, Putin’s daughter, lived in Voorschoten for a long time. “Because believe me, you don’t live there for fun, but for your real motherland!”

The success of the satirical item is also noticeable abroad. Belgian, Italian, American and German media are already reporting it. In the past, Lubach, who at the time still had the program Sunday with Lubach made a big hit with it America First, Netherlands Secondmovie. The video, with which Lubach introduces our country to the then-new American President Donald Trump, was the most viewed YouTube video of 2017 with 10.7 million views.

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