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Love in paradise: the Caribbean

The first kiss at the campsite or the first STI in Salou; holiday loves, who didn’t grow up with it? But is it useful to leave that holiday turtle behind where you found it or is there secretly more in the love barrel? In Love in Paradise, four couples whose love fire burned briefly during a vacation, are flown to a tropical island to discover whether there is a future in the summer fling.

Face to Face

After Detective Bjørn Rasmussen derailed in his search for his daughter’s killer and ended up behind bars himself, his wife Susanne is on her own. In order not to go completely crazy, she decides to pick up her work as a psychologist again. One of her clients is John, who has sought her help to quit smoking. But when Susanne hypnotizes him, John unexpectedly confesses to the most heinous crimes.

The many faces of Tineke Schouten

From Lenie from Takkestraat and Bep Lachebek to Grandma Oortjes and Andrea Riool; in more than 40 years Tineke Schouten has made more than twenty theater shows with countless characters and sketches. In The many faces of Tineke Schouten we follow the theater diva when making her 25th performance Dubbel. How does she deal with the setbacks that the corona crisis brings? And how does she manage to find a balance between her work and her busy family life?

The many faces of Tineke Schouten. © BNNVARA

Junior Song Contest national final

Before the participants travel to the Armenian capital Yerevan at the beginning of December for the international final, HIGH5, Infinity, Luna and Mixed Up first have to fight among themselves from a packed full of Rotterdam Ahoy which of them deserves the national title. The presentation is in the hands of experts Stefania and Matheu.

I’m leaving XL

It was just as exciting on Bonaire, as could be seen in the previous episode of I’m leaving XL. Rinse and Francine saw the bottom of their savings account coming into view, which had consequences for the construction and for their relationship with Oscar and Vanessa. But now the sun is shining over the Caribbean island again, because son Jan leaves the Netherlands to emigrate to Bonaire and everyone is happy with that. It is an exciting step, also because his girlfriend Fabienne is not going with him. The two consider this the ultimate relationship test. And even more emigration news: after a lot of hassle about the property, Hans and Marja are now going to live permanently in the Italian Friuli. The two look to the future with confidence. However, their dream is shattered when Hans falls.

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