Streaming services such as Netflix or TV: which is actually cheaper?

It was coming, but now it’s a very well-researched fact: TV is dying and a large proportion of TV viewers really prefer to stream their content from Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime and Disney+. Do you pay much more? Yes and no: WANT editor Dennis Mons thinks TV is ridiculous anyway.

The bowl of chips with a movie on Veronica (with the necessary irritation), farmer seeks wife watch, or shout with a plate on your lap at the summary of an Eredivisie match during Studio Sport as if it just happened? It’s really a thing of the past for many (I’m kind of betraying my age but oh well).

Classic TV viewing has now really had its day, according to research among Britons. People really don’t want to watch TV anymore, but rather stream.

Streaming and especially Netflix, HBO and Netflix kill TV

With all due respect, watch what you want to watch. The television is still a device that you turn on and there’s your stupid SBS6 content that major producers think you want to see (and often quite right).

Sorry TV viewers; you are a bit of a gourmand and like that spoon in your mouth. Not me. So in all honesty I don’t know who Laura Vlasblom is, or who the people are who show up in Expedition Robinson.

I don’t watch linear TV (except for NPO because it’s free, the news is handy and Lubach is fun).

Tall Frans Arjen Lubach
Opinions differ, but hey… (Image: YouTube/Arjen Lubach)

Pop down and watch what you want on streaming

The research showed (and I bet my two left hands it applies to the lion’s share of the Netherlands) that viewers are more likely to check streaming services. 47 percent of Britons even admit to watching less linear television. A TV subscription is therefore not a cheap joke.

A younger target group in particular dances between old-fashioned TV and streaming, but that is also due to the costs. Because let’s face it: ‘TV’ as we know it isn’t cheap. A few costs in a row with a random provider (possibly mine but that aside).

ziggo tv
Cheap but what do you get? (Image: Ziggo)

Streaming versus T-Mobile or Ziggo is spicy

What do you get for a somewhat more extensive package: we take Ziggo as an example.

You then have access to 70+ TV channels (of course all of the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, Ziggo Sport, ESPN, etc.). That’s nice, but let’s be honest; a lot of us really aren’t going to zap there. But how much does that joke cost? That’s 65 euros per month. But hey, a year with a big discount in the first instance.

If you just want ‘simple’ TV, it will cost you 21 euros per month and then you will get 49 HD channels and 50 radio channels that no one listens to. And Ziggo Sport (which is of little use now that ESPN is in charge of F1 and football) is temporarily included. So if hockey, korfball, jeu de boules and any other sport is your thing: great choice.

TV vs Netflix, Disney+ and the rest

What are the cheapest streaming deals right now? We tackle the most popular:

Apart from the fact that Netflix is ​​increasing its prices, the service is affordable. For 8 euros per month you can watch what you want on one screen. The thing is that we would like to share our account but that will immediately cost you 12 euros. If you also want to watch in 4K, you will immediately lose 16 euros. Taps a lot, especially because Netflix prefers to kill the sharing of accounts.

The Town Netflix
Excellent movie on Netflix: Jeremy Renner in The Town. (Image: Warner Bros)


At HBO you can also stream for only 6 euros per month. Still a bit cheaper than Netflix. Of course the offer is less and you only get 5 downloads to watch offline. If you want to go for a Standard subscription, it will cost you 2 euros more, you watch in 4K and you have a maximum of 30 downloads. Worth it in our opinion.

Streaming on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a wonderful option to watch a lot of series and movies for little money. And apart from Prime for 2.99 euros you can add all the channels that the company has under its care. In other words, if you’re eager, that amount can add up considerably.

Old men on the Amazon? (Image: Amazon Studios)


In all honesty, Disney+ is a blessing: everything placed under that banner is available to all members of the family to see. From Star Wars until Pinocchio and from Welcome to Wrexham until futurama: it’s all yours (kinda). And then there are countless films and series from Star, among others, that fall under the Disney + flag. Is that cheap? No: a subscription costs you almost 9 euros per month.

Disney Star Wars Marvel Lidl
Several toppers from the Disney stable. (Image: Lidl)

Streaming is not a replacement for TV

In other words: when it comes to your wallet, it’s better to take out a standard TV subscription. Some like to look at people who just don’t know enough about LINGO with the sign on their lap, or the real Airbnb life in the second season of Jean-Klaas and Mieke in Mon Dieu!: It Won’t Happen After All? in the Dordogne.

The above streaming services would cost you 31 euros per month compared to more than 20 euros + (for the entry-level subscription) linear TV (and you can watch NPO for free). In any case, it is worth the extra 11 euros to me for content that is awesome.

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