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Now that young people mainly seek entertainment from streaming services, the NPO has taken it upon itself to profile the channels even more clearly. entertainment like The smartest person will therefore soon be moving to NPO 1, in-depth programs such as Cash desk, Search requested and Radar make the switch to NPO 2. Incidentally, very against the sore leg of consumer guru Antoinette Hertsenberg, who has reduced the number of episodes of her Radar this year has already seen a decline.

The Outlaws – Start Season 2

During their community service, Bristol’s most unlikely criminal group ends up on the wrong side of the law once again. The money that ‘accidentally’ went into their pockets is becoming an increasing problem; the criminal underworld holds them tighter and tighter. Literal. Although Rani has managed to give the group some extra time, there is a catch: they have to deal drugs themselves to recoup the stolen money. Isn’t that a step too far?

Fault lines

While the average boa is already nervous about the Schilderswijk in The Hague or the Enschede Velve-Lindenhof, in certain European neighborhoods they are no longer surprised by youth with weapons or burned-out cars. Sinan Can spends a year delving into the Sharia and no-go zones of Paris, London, Stockholm and Brussels to see if these enclaves have indeed become deep fault lines.

Sinan Can in Fracture Lines. © BNNVARA


A new season means a fresh hunt for a pack of ordinary citizens who try to evade the hunters for three weeks. While in the first seasons one or more fugitives managed to escape from their clutches, the detainee van was full in season six. Unjustly according to many viewers, because the cleverly playing finalists Kelly and Romy turned out not to have a fair chance to race towards their freedom.

hunted. © AVROTROS

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017)

Starring: Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Karen Gillan, Jack Black, Nick Jonas Director: Jake Kasdan.

The game from the title is a computer game, in which the players have to survive in their game forms. That gives the otherwise not so special adventure story a funny twist, because just like in a real game the heroes can die and come back. The big draw is the comical interplay of Johnson and Hart. The first one in particular gives an excellent imitation of an insecure teenager in the body of a wardrobe.

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