Fans surprised: Helmut Lotti opens throat and takes off clothes for metal cover | show

with videoThe Flemish singer Helmut Lotti (52), known for his brave,classical-like repertoire, has done something that his fans probably didn’tsee coming. The tenor pulls out all the stops for a ripping cover of metalband Iron Maiden, while his neat clothes don’t stay on.

Leon van Wijk Sep 24. 2022

Latest update: 24-09-22, 17:54

Starting next week, the Belgian radio station Willy will bring a top 1000 withthe best and ‘dirtiest’ rock records ever made. Listeners can now vote andHelmut Lotti, who broke through in 1989 with an Elvis Presley cover in theDutch Sounds mix show , has some advice. According to him _Run to the hills_by the British metal band Iron Maiden from 1982 in the first place. The singerhas special memories of the song.

,,My brother Johan is a hard rock fanatic and played the album The number ofthe beast Iron Maiden used to be flat,” he says. ,, Run to the hills was mypersonal favorite. One day I was singing that song when my father suddenlywalked in. He stood transfixed and said, “Wow, you can sing.” That was thefirst time I got a compliment from my father about my singing.”

Helmut Lotti unleashes the hard rocker in himself. © Willy

And he can still sing, according to the cover he recorded to reinforce hisadvice. It starts quite calmly, with Lotti in a neat suit with a bow. Firsthis jacket goes off and his cool leather bracelet comes out. When hiswaistcoat and shirt are also taken off, it turns out that he is wearing aT-shirt from the band.

Listeners do not know what they are experiencing. ‘Never thought I’d ever hearHelmut Lotti sing metal, but beautifully done’, it sounds under the video onYouTube. “He could be Iron Maiden’s new frontman,” wrote another. This is whatthe original sounds like:

It is not the first time that a singer with a completely different imagebrings out the rock star in himself. Do you have a moment for me – folksinger Frans Bauer once covered you hast from the German band Rammstein:

Although it is not rock, it is a similar outing: opera singer Maria Fiselierwas best singers for a moment a rude rapper:

Also listen to the AD Media Podcast with this week ‘s nominations for theTelevizier ring, the clash between Angela de Jong and Johan Derksen, thestatement by Linda de Mol and the cancellation of Het Dorp. Listen below orsubscribe via Spotify or iTunes.

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