Lil Kleine is back in public circles, hugging several celebrities

Last February, images leaked out showing the rapper abusing his then girlfriend Jaimie Vaes. The months after, Jorik, as Kleine is really called, decides to stay away from public events for a while. With his visit to the premiere of Tino’s theater show, he seems to feel comfortable enough to mingle with the stars again. Those present let RTL Boulevard know that Jorik had a great time. In addition to appearing good-humored and relaxed and greeting everyone around him, the rapper is well received by the artists and celebrities present. Photos and videos are circulating online showing Jorik being welcomed with a hug by celebrities such as Samantha Steenwijk and Edwin Smulders. Kleine also shares some of these in his Instagram Stories (see later in the article).

Kleine, together with two friends, would have been in the vicinity of Kris Kross Amsterdam and Rachel Hazes. The concert is also very popular, because according to the same insiders, he goes crazy like the rest of the audience, especially when Tino sings the song ‘Gabber’. He is also said to be dancing happily with his friends at the afterparty.

These sources also report that the rapper tries to stay away from all the press as much as possible. He does give one interview to a magazine. This happens off camera.

Although Kleine does not want to appear in front of the camera during the premiere, he informs RTL Boulevard that he is doing well. He also says that he finds it a pity how things are sometimes ‘taken out of context’ and that he ‘cannot say anything about it because everything gets twisted anyway’. He also says that he finds it difficult to keep seeing or hearing things about himself on the juice channels. He can ‘almost no longer enter a club like Air’ or stories appear that he says he cannot defend himself against. His father therefore advises him that he better not go to such a club so that he no longer has a problem.

He also returns to a video that appeared on the Instagram channel of his ex Jaimie Vaes earlier this week. It shows that son Lio is hugged and kissed by her new flame. Jorik says about this that he has not followed Jaimie for some time, but that he does receive these kinds of videos from his environment. And that’s not very nice, he says, because he loves his son very much and this is difficult to see.

Lil’s stories:

Tino Martin himself says he is happy with the arrival of his big little friend. “Great, isn’t it! It’s coming too. So in that respect, friends, colleagues, everything was here tonight. I don’t have to add that much,” says the singer. Show news. Earlier this year Tino called Jorik another ‘dick’ in Qmusic morning program Mattie & MariekeThis in response to the leaked images of the assault. Due to the incident, the rapper was also no longer welcome during Tino Martin’s concert series in the Ziggo Dome. The singer seems to have forgiven his ‘gabber’ for his misstep.

Not only Jorik’s celebrities colleagues receive him again with open arms, his fans are also forgiving in Belgium:

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