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ReviewIn our playlist we guide you through the current range of on-demand films, series, albums and podcasts. What must you (not) have seen or listened to and why? Today the science fiction series Andoro.


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    Science Fiction (Disney+)

Every corner of the Star Warsuniverse is now so eagerly grazed by Disney+ that it is waiting for a series in which one of the many droll robots gets a life story in serial form. The franchise from creator George Lucas will one day go down in Hollywood history as the most exploited business model. Competitor Star Trek despite all the spin-offs is currently behind.

In the Star Warsdeluge are now spotlighting characters who actually had minor roles in the movies. The last example concerns Cassian Andor who is known from the cinema film Rogue OneNot really a hit from the movie series.

Once again, actor Diego Luna can take on the role of this rebel with whom – as the fans know – things don’t end well in the film. The series with his last name Andoro is thus a precursor to these events. Andor is followed in his early years as he breaks the law, steals parts from spaceships and doesn’t even shy away from murder when he is harassed by two law enforcement officers.

The first three episodes are a lead up to what Andor is really good at; espionage. Fans know that five years after this series he is in Rogue One becomes involved in the attack on the Death Star space station.

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But before that happens, Andor is hunted by wild animals who keep themselves alive with shady practices. The viewer learns about his background and his origins from an unknown planet where he was part of an Inca-like community that is accidentally pulled out of isolation by a crashing spaceship.

Andor is a slightly deviant hero in the Star Wars-chronology. He is good and not. Diego Luna had a more rewarding assignment in that regard than Ewan McGregor, among others, who recently appeared in the series Obi-Wan Kenobi despite a promising start had significantly less exciting material at its disposal.

Oh yeah, Andor also has an inevitable sidekick in the form of a robot that looks like a red rotary vacuum cleaner. The character goes by the name B2EMO. As the Star Warsexploiters are ever in need of a spin-off idea, this could be an option. Or not.

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