Many viewers of Op1 interview Mark Rutte express the same criticism

Last night Prime Minister Mark Rutte was a guest at a special broadcast of On1. There he was put to the test by Sven Kockelmann. Or well, put on fire?According to many viewers, that was not so bad and there was a meaninglessinterview.

Mark Rutte was interviewed for an hour last night from the Catshuis, theofficial official residence of the Prime Minister. Such an interview outsidecampaign time is rare. But yesterday he made special time for interviewer SvenKockelmann, and he discussed, among other things, the criticism that he wouldbe too ‘invisible’ during crises.

Criticism of invisibility was ‘usually justified’

That criticism was “usually justified,” said Mark Rutte. He acknowledged thathe was repeatedly criticized during the nitrogen crisis, the allowance affairor around the gas quakes in Groningen. Now Rutte wants to show himself more.”That’s why it’s so good that we’re here,” he said to Sven Kockelmann.

The Prime Minister considered giving another speech from the Torentje. “Butthe disadvantage is that no one can say anything back.” The fact that theprime minister asked people from the Torentje to stay at home during thecorona crisis was also “a very intense moment”. But Rutte did not want to ruleout the possibility that a Torentjes speech “will be necessary again”.

According to Rutte, the criticism of the cabinet in times of crises is often”that it sometimes takes too long”. For example, it took a very long timebefore the cabinet could reassure people about the expensive energy bill. Butthe problems, also in the field of asylum and nitrogen, are “extremelycomplex”, Rutte said.

Mark Rutte: election win in Italy ’cause for concern’

Rutte also discussed the election win in Italy of Giorgia Meloni’s radicalright-wing Fratelli d’Italia. These developments are a “reason for concern”,Prime Minister Mark Rutte said. Her party and the right-wing parties withwhich Meloni wants to work “have said and done things that make you say: thereis reason for vigilance,” Rutte said in the statement. On 1 -interview.

The prime minister has not yet congratulated Meloni on her victory, butaccording to him that is customary only when she is actually prime minister.He will also try to work with Meloni. “You shouldn’t be naive, but you shouldgive her a chance,” said the prime minister.

Reactions viewers after ‘interview’: ‘Almost over, thank God’

Watching the interview for an hour has not been sustained by everyone. Manypeople thought it was meaningless, hot air and an hour of airtime forpolitical parties. “Mark Rutte wanted to show himself on Dutch televisionafter mountains of criticism. He succeeded. Disappointing for the genuinelycurious viewer, because a meaningless interview,” writes one viewer.

Prime Minister @markrutre wanted to appear on Dutch television after> mountains of criticism. That’s him thanks> @scockelmann success.> Disappointing for the genuinely curious viewer, because a meaningless> interview.> #Op1npo>> — Jan Leune (@JWCLeune) September 26,> 2022

Others also criticize the broadcast.

I missed this after the> ‘interview’#op1npo> #rutte>>> — René Kemp⭐ (@rkemp59) September 26,> 2022

Almost over, thank goodness. I have no idea what he was talking about and> what I’ve been> watching.#npo1> #Op1npo>> — Kitsune (@Silver_Fox75) September 26,> 2022

In the end, there has been a lot of talk and little said.> #Op1npo>> — Eva Brandemann (@evabrandemann) September 26,> 2022

We work hard on that, we do everything we can, we have to solve that, we> think about it, we study on it, I can’t say anything about that right now.>> Rutte’s meaninglessness in a nutshell.#on> 1> #Op1npo> #wnl>>> — Ⓜ️🅰️❌ (@MadMax_010) September 26,> 2022

Rutte blames himself for everything – ‘you can blame me for that’ – but> that’s about it. There is no action perspective or vision and that is a> problem in view of the crises in our country.> #Op1npo>> — Welmoed Vlieger (@WelmoedVlieger) September 26,> 2022

According to viewers, interviewer Sven Kockelmann could have been a bit morecritical of Mark Rutte.

#Op1npo> @SvenKockelmann> Nice try but completely fell through the ice.> @MinPres has rarely had> it so easy. Stop interviewing, this makes no sense…>> — Curl_G (@Curl_G5) September 26,> 2022

#Op1npo> You really never get that Rutte crazy. Sometimes I also have my criticisms.> But here I am again happy. Kockelmann is completely wrapped up. Beautiful.>> — Rineke 💙💛 (@TonneDer) September 26,> 2022

According to journalist Maarten Hopman of The pin would it have been a goodreason for On 1 to broadcast from Ter Apel. “This would have been a perfectoccasion for” On 1 to broadcast from Ter Apel once so that Rutte can seewith his own eyes how many people have to sleep on chairs or in the open air.”

This would have been a perfect reason for Op1 to broadcast from Ter Apel so> that Rutte can see with his own eyes how many people have to sleep on chairs> or in the open air. (Can also be done at any station square in the major> cities)> #Op1npo>> — Maarten Hopman (@maartenhopman94) September 26,> 2022

Watch the Op1 interview with the Prime Minister here.