For (more than) 25 years singing and songs in the Mixx

This year the MiXX vocal association consists of our own Hengevelde for 26years. This beautiful anniversary will be celebrated on October 21, 2022 witha concert, ‘completely under its own power’. Tickets at €7.50 are available atDe Bazar van Jon, via the members of MiXX of course or by The evening starts at 8 p.m., location Herberg DeGebrande Waateren.

An interview with a mixed group: Joke Boomkamp (member since 1996), FrankAppelman (member since 2004 and also chairman since 2016) and Jos Artz (membersince 2021).

In 1996 a group of enthusiastic singers from Hengevelde founded a new choir:MiXX ’96. There were already three choirs in the village at that time. Thenew choir would not be a church choir, but more of a pop choir with songs fromclassical to pop. The ambitions were great. It became more than ‘singing a little’, because theassociation was legally registered, a rehearsal location had to be found, andof course a conductor had to be appointed. This worked and no fewer than 38people, mainly from Hengevelde, came to sing together in MiXX! From the outset it was fun at Assink before, during and after the rehearsalson Monday. With permanent musicians in the band and a conductor on violin, asolid foundation was laid. The choir made music together, but mutualfriendship also grew. Something that is perhaps even more central today thanit was then. “We are really there for each other.” There is serious rehearsal. Of course a lot is expected of the singers, butthey also help each other. Knowing the parties, texts by heart as much aspossible and preferably: a large dose of enthusiasm. No one is left behind inthis. Not then and not now. The enthusiasm remains unchanged, the threemembers say. The third half was always well attended. Fortunately, it is alsostill available at De Marke, the current practice location.

MiXX’96 now consists of no less than 60 members. Hengevelde remains the basis,but today members come from all over the world: Delden, Diepenheim, Beckum,Geesteren, Bentelo, etcetera. MiXX is a household name in our village andaccording to the members ‘you call MiXX and Hengevelde in the same breath’.Hengevelde is a village where a lot is possible.

There is supposedly a high involvement in the choir. There is also littleturnover, the majority have been members for a long time. Recently 6 newmembers joined. Four from Delden and two from Hengevelde. It helps tointegrate, says Jos, who has lived in our village for two years now. Togetherwith his wife, he was happy to become a member of MiXX. He likes it very muchand many new social contacts have been made.

Conviviality at its best. A strength of MiXX. But make no mistake, it doeswork. Everyone does this in their own way, stimulated by today’s conductor:Sander Fox. A name that almost makes the eyes of the trio shine. Sander camein as a substitute at one of the performances and actually never left. It wasarranged with a choir from Hengelo that Sander can accompany both them andMiXX musically on Monday evenings. He has been with the group for about 4 years now. And he is positivelycritical, say the members. The level of the singing and the quality of therepertoire has increased further. Sander dares to address the choir, butalways does so constructively: “Everything will be fine”. He keeps in constantcontact with the band, the showpiece of MiXX. George de Witte on bass guitar,Seine Hendriks on rhythm guitar, Gerie Scholten on piano and Ronald Rikkert ondrums. The choir is proud of it. An own band that musically shapes the songsfrom the 60s to the present. From classical to pop. From Adiemus to songs byQueen, ABBA and Toto. Really mixed.

With the jubilee concert on 21 October, the choir is happy to celebrate whereit is now. There is still so much fun and also a party to listen to, accordingto the reactions over the years. The concert is different from previousconcerts. This time MiXX is going ‘solo’. It promises to be a special evening,unlike any other.

Below are some photos from the past few years and a photo of the beautifulchoir of today!