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CelebritiesAfter a lot of weight fluctuations, Jessica Simpson (42) managed to lose no less than 45 kg. In an interview with ‘Extra’ she reveals her secret and confesses that she is finally feeling good about herself again. “I feel like my old self before I had children,” it sounds.

Earlier this year, Jessica Simpson wrote on social media that she never thought she’d be able to flaunt her figure again. “Finally I’m wearing a bikini again,” it sounded then. Her secret? “Hard work, determination and self-love.” But in a new interview with ‘Extra’ she reveals even more details to hostess Terri Seymour and confesses what really helped her lose weight.

“I went to a nutritionist and had to get my eating habits right.” When Terri asks her if she also feels healthy and good about herself right now, the answer is crystal clear: “I feel absolutely healthy. I feel like my old self again, before I had kids and all the hormones went haywire.” She goes on to say that she even feels a lot younger. “I have much more energy and feel younger. I can wear all the clothes I kept in storage for my daughters Maxwell and Birdie.”

Forever ‘Daisy Duke’

Terri wonders why people are so obsessed with her weight and the way she looks and if she ever gets used to it. “Oh, not at all. But I don’t think with any woman. I’ve been criticized and that hurt, but I’ve also been proud of it. I decided for myself that everyone will always talk about my weight, so I better make money off it and make a business of selling clothes.” In the acting world, she could count on the advice of actress Lynda Carter, better known as ‘Wonder Woman’. She saved her from criticism. “She warned me on the set of ‘Dukes of Hazzard’. She told me that she will always be Wonder Woman and will forever be compared to that and that I will be too with my role as Daisy Duke.”

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