Couples in ‘Blind Married’ show first cracks: “Appearance is not important, they say. But it does matter for attraction.”

An authentic yacht, aptly named ‘Love boat’, on the sun-drenched Turkishcoast. It all looked romantic and idyllic Monday night on TV. But between thecouples of Blindly married it’s starting to crack here and there. Especiallywith Jana De Bosscher, who gave her yes to Christiaan Graulus. She hid herselffor a while with fellow candidate Florence, to vent. Turns out Christian isn’ther type after all.

“I can see why they matched us, but in appearance it is not the man I wouldchoose,” said Jana about her husband. “You always say that looks don’t matter,but it is. It makes it easier to get attracted to each other.”

The fact that Jana has low self-esteem does not help the situation much. “Inthe beginning I was still in the adrenaline of marriage, but now I havestarted to think a lot. I got stuck on my looks and now on his too. I am in anexperiment in which I have to open up to Christiaan, but I notice that I amonly concerned with myself at the moment.”

Lost the bag

The presence of the other women on board gives Jana’s confidence an extradive. She thinks they are all “super handsome”. “I mainly look at theirbellies. If I see myself then, I’ll just put on a top. Then I feel better.During dinner I was louder again, because then I had more clothes on.”

It does not make the situation obvious for Christiaan, who was not fully awareof his wife’s doubts. “I can tell her a hundred times that she is the mostbeautiful. If I were to pick anyone outside the program, it would still beJana.”

Finally Jana decided to start the conversation in the room in the evening,when there were no cameras. And that hit Christian hard. “He was suddenly veryshort and brutal,” said Jana. “Then all this won’t work anymore and then itwon’t work anymorehe had said. I was afraid of that reaction. Otherwise he isa calm and sweet man. Now he came out really fierce.”

“I am a vain boy and I think appearance is important”, says Christiaan. “WhenJana said I wasn’t her type, that confidence was completely taken away. Ididn’t expect it, and was lost for a while. I thought I was suddenly at zeropercent. But then she was talking about 70 percent.” So Christiaan still hashope that things will turn out well. And for Jana, the calf hasn’t drowned yeteither. “It has now been said. I hope to start again with a clean slate.”


Florence (29) and Jiri (35)

At Florence Vandoorne and Jiri Punt, there is no attraction on her part yet.“I thought Jiri was a beautiful man at the wedding,” she says. “However, Ididn’t feel any attraction at the time and it still isn’t there now. Not niceto hear and also hard to say to him, but I wish he knew.” At the same time,she makes it clear to him that he is certainly not a no-go. “Maybe it canstill grow and I’m curious to see what comes next.”

Lien (30) and Joren (36)

Joren Dumont tries to meet Lien Opdebeeck’s complaints, but that is easiersaid than done. “She had indicated that I had to temper a bit because I wassometimes so busy. I have to try not to always take the lead in aconversation. When I do that, it immediately stands out. Then I am not exactlymyself.”

Brecht (27) and Dziubi (29)

The story of Dziubi Steenbergen and Brecht De Geyter is unanimously positive.This is both verbal and physical matchmade in heaven. If this turns out to benothing, it can’t have been the experts of the program.