Reactions to ‘Five Live’ by Linda de Mol are not tender

Although the first episode of Five Live – the latest SBS series from Linda de Mol – attracted a beautiful 987,000 viewers last night, the reactions were not tender. From ‘twitching’ to ‘bland’: critics did not mince their words on social media.

And that while for the cast a large view of celebrities has been raised.

New series by Linda de Mol

In the series Five Live Sara (Linda de Mol) and Roderik (Waldemar Torenstra) are a divorced couple who watch the weekly talk show Five Live presents. Channel boss Flip (Daan Schuurmans) is disappointed with the ratings and believes that something should be done: in the first episode he comes up with the idea of ​​inviting Ellen van Boetzelaar (a parody of Angela de Jong, played by Irene Moors) to the table for more excitement. That happens, because during the broadcast a studio lamp suddenly falls on the fake Angela, who then falls over the table. Apparently dead.

The latter is not quite right with viewers. They call the action ‘childish’ and see it as a sneer at Angela: she kept after it The VoiceAfter all, scandal is long and full that Linda should have known about the sexual abuses long ago.

Orlando Boldewijn

According to viewers, the makers could also have thought a little better about the fact that one of the characters is called Orlando Boldewijn: a seventeen-year-old boy who was murdered four years ago turned out to bear the same name.

A spokesperson tells us about this SBS: “The character Orlando is fictional and the name – now it turns out very unfortunate – was chosen by chance. Despite the fact that a large team has read the script and was present during the recordings, unfortunately no one has made this link.” The relatives contacted the program makers through their lawyer Sébas Diekstra. “And he has informed us that the next of kin do not see any evil intentions from us in any way.”

Reaction of Angela de Jong on Five Live

Angela de Jong has in a column on commented on the series. “Let’s be honest,” she begins. “Having me end up for dead at a talk show table with a bloodied skull is not only the wet dream of Linda de Mol, but in any case of all her colleagues at Talpa and three quarters of her other colleagues in the snake pit in Hilversum. I can handle that. What I can’t stand is a drama series in which the biggest clichés about the TV world are conveniently pasted together, sometimes quite good actors have put on a cheap wig and that as a former TV queen, who always prided herself to know what her viewers want to see, seriously thinks that you deliver a top production à la Divorce and Gooische Women.”

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