Declaration against Johnny de Mol dismissed, legal advisors of ex-girlfriend prosecuted show

The Public Prosecution Service (OM) dismisses the report of assault and attempted murder that his ex-partner Shima Kaes made against Johnny de Mol. The investigation has not led to sufficient evidence, it was announced this afternoon. De Mol has ‘always had confidence in the investigation and in this outcome’, the Talpa presenter said through his management.

However, the legal advisers of his ex-girlfriend Kaes, lawyer Karim Aachboun and his office mate Ad Aerts, are being prosecuted by the Public Prosecution Service, a spokesperson for the Amsterdam public prosecutor’s office confirms. In November last year, the duo was reported to have attempted to threaten the De Mol family, a legal term for blackmail.

Held hostage

Since that counter-declaration, Kaes and her agent ‘constantly seek the media’, according to Peter Plasman, lawyer for De Mol. It concerns ‘repeats of the accusations made earlier’. This hinders De Mol’s personal and social functioning. “He is more or less taken hostage by the actions of Mrs. Kaes and her agent,” Plasman said.

The legal advisers now have to answer for this before the court. Plasman says that John de Mol and Johnny de Mol are ‘satisfied’ that the advisers ‘will have to account for their action before the criminal court’.

Insufficient evidence

Kaes, who had a relationship with Johnny de Mol between 2014 and 2015, has been arguing with the family for a long time. She states that several violent incidents have taken place between her and Johnny: in Mexico, at the Edisongala in Amsterdam and in Ibiza. At the end of 2020, Kaes filed a complaint against her ex-fiancé for attempted assault and manslaughter.

De Mol was heard as a suspect in the criminal investigation. In that interrogation, he firmly denied the assault. Three witnesses presented by Kaes gave a statement in the investigation. These statements provided the Public Prosecution Service with ‘insufficient support’ for the report.

According to the Public Prosecution Service, the sound fragments supplied by Kaes contain ‘conversations without sufficient context’. In addition, the supplied photos cannot be dated and the injury in the photos is not clear. The injury statements have also turned out to be ‘insufficiently unambiguous’, according to the Public Prosecution Service.


De Mol announced the end of an episode of his daily talk show at the end of April, after a new accusation of inappropriate behaviour HLF8 to stop the presentation for the time being. “In addition to the previous allegations and allegations, a new anonymous false accusation has been made this week. This makes it impossible for me and the editors to continue this work,” he said at the time.

The anonymous report followed Kaes’s earlier report. Earlier this year, the Public Prosecution Service concluded that ‘no concrete accusation or criminal offense can be derived from this report’. De Mol has always categorically denied both allegations.

According to De Mol, it was ‘a tough time, so I’m relieved that this decision has now been made. I’ll take some time, and I’ll keep you posted when I resume what work. I want to thank everyone for the support and sweet messages I have received lately.”


A spokesperson for SBS 6 is pleased with the dismissal of the report. ,,We are very happy for Johnny. We will discuss in the short term when he will resume his activities.”

De Mol will return to television next week. He will be featured on SBS 6 with the program from Wednesday Restaurant misunderstanding. Those broadcasts had already been recorded.

Johnny de Mol at the time with partner Shima Kaes. © Brunopress

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