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CelebritiesBritney Spears (40) likes to use Instagram as an outlet. Sheregularly shares videos and posts where she writes off all her worries andthoughts. Last Saturday was no different, but this time she turned to herfamily. “A heartfelt apology might help me close it all,” she wrote. Hermother Lynne Spears (67) did not hesitate for a moment and respondedimmediately.

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Lynne Spears has (finally) apologized publicly to her daughter Britney Spears.The singer was finally able to break free from the strict curatorship of herfather, Jamie Spears, last year, but the family ties have not healed sincethen, on the contrary. Britney uses her newfound freedom to regularly sharecandid posts on her Instagram page. Last Saturday she had her heart lookedagain and addressed these difficult family ties. “For me, the real problem isthat to this day my family is not aware of any harm. They believe they havedone nothing wrong at all. They could at least take responsibility for theiractions and admit that they hurt me,” he said indignantly.

She went on to say that sincere apologies would already go a long way towardclosing things up for her, but she’s surprised her family members continue toact like everything’s okay. “From their response, it appears that I have nofamily that appreciates or respects me. As much as I loved them, it’ssomething I’ll probably never get over.”

Mother’s reaction

Mother Lynne immediately responded to this cry for help. “I’m so sorry foryour pain! I’ve regretted it for years,” she wrote. “I love you so much and Imiss you. Deep down you know how much I love you. I apologize for anything andeverything that hurt you.” She continued with a plea, “Please unblock me so wecan talk about it in person.”

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