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The television program Pointer has a new face, the online editors of Hart van Nederland have a new chef and much more in this Transfer Thursday, in which Villamedia follows the latest developments in the journalistic labor market every week.

Last change: October 13, 2022, 15:42

As of November 1, BNR Nieuwsradio has a new editor-in-chief, after Mireille van Ark left for the editor-in-chief of RTL Nieuws. Marc Adriani will take over from her.

At Pointer of the KRO-NCRV, Marijn Frank added to the team of presenters. Frank is no stranger to the broadcaster, she has already made several documentaries for the broadcaster and was featured as a presenter of The Court of Auditors, Het Beloofde Land, De Prijsvechter and DocTalks IDFA Special. On October 9, she will present an episode of Pointer that is entirely devoted to the ‘channel drama’ in Almelo. ‘About 400 residents of Twente were damaged after dredging a canal, and discovered that after that you have little say as a citizen. The province is responsible, but may determine per home whether someone will receive compensation and can settle objections independently. Even going to court is almost impossible. Independence is a long way off, according to public administration experts. Why is this allowed?’, according to the broadcaster. “I’m really looking forward to working for Pointer. It is an honor to strengthen Pointer’s rock-solid team and to contribute to exposing abuses and issues that are currently at play in society’, says Frank.

Look on Instagram Nikki Herr back to her career at Omroep WNL. As of Friday 14 October she will transfer to Hart van Nederland. ‘My first steps on TV, slipping and getting giggled… but also announcing both Maaike’s and Lisette’s pregnancy. And of course the first corona case in our country and the invasion in Ukraine. Everything passed and they are broadcasts that I will never forget,” Herr writes on Instagram.

Carmen Dorlo has been the new chief of the online editorial staff of Hart van Nederland of SBS 6 from 1 January. Dorlo worked for the NOS for more than six years and was online editor-in-chief for the past eighteen months. She previously worked for Het Parool, Metro and

Ivar Lingen starts on 1 December as editor-in-chief at Omroep West. ‘I am very happy with this new opportunity and challenge! I’m going to miss my great colleagues enormously, but I have every confidence in the future!’, writes Long on Twitter. Lingen is no stranger to Omroep West: from 2015 to 2020 he was a political editor and reporter for the broadcaster. In recent years he was the ‘journalism leader’ of the Hague’s city broadcaster Den Haag FM.

At Omroep WNL it is Floris Prenger started on October 1 as senior compiler & editor-in-chief of Goedemorgen Nederland, reports Prenger on LinkedIn. Prenger previously worked in various positions for WNL and was previously active at RTV Utrecht and EenVandaag.

After eight years, Jelle Dijkstra leave the regional broadcaster NH Nieuws. Dijkstra will work as an editor-in-chief online at the NOS. ‘Very excited, but also feels a bit strange. Gonna miss everyone so much!’, he writes.

And finally, there is a new face within the editors-in-chief of Nieuwsuur. Aletta Oosten joins the editor-in-chief of current affairs program Nieuwsuur of the NOS and NTR as deputy editor-in-chief. Oosten is currently head of the Events department of the NOS.

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