Ernst Kuipers advises to give a box again in Op1

Corona is once again on the rise: one in twenty people is currently infected, says Ernst Kuipers. Earlier this week, the Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport raised ‘the alarm level of corona’, wants to prick faster and therefore joined the talk show last night. On 1. What is he advocating? Giving a box. And what happened to the vaccination of fellow guest Maarten van Rossem?

Ernst Kuipers wants to speed up the corona vaccination campaign. But what does that alert level mean and how does it ensure that society does not have to be locked again? His presence, incidentally, attracted barely 100,000 viewers more than Johan Derksen Today Insidewho talked about smoking a cigar and cocaine.

Ernst Kuipers much praised, but not anymore

At the beginning of the corona time (and also last summer), Ernst Kuipers frequently joined talk shows such as On 1 and Jinek. At the time, however, he was chairman of the National Network Acute Care and Kuipers was often praised for his clear explanation. In that position, relaxation of the corona measures still sounded ‘like music to his ears’ last June. Now, as Minister of Health and successor to Hugo de Jonge, he is responsible for the measures. And he is no longer praised, but is dismissed by many as a liar (and worse).

“We are back at alert level 2. That means observing basic measures?” explained On 1presenter Sven Kockelmann Ernst Kuipers for. “Keep distance?” The minister: “Yes. Test if you have symptoms. Today someone told me ‘I was on the train and a lot of people were coughing in the compartment with me’. Then my sum is that the chance, if they have not been tested, that they have corona is about 50 percent.”

Shake hands but leave it behind for a while?

“And shake hands? Also leave it out for a while?”, Sven Kockelmann wanted to know. Ernst Kuipers, with a clenched fist forward: “I would advise you to give a box.”

That does not exactly sound like a heavy corona measure of course (and it is not a measure either). The approach to vaccinating against corona is now more serious. From Monday, anyone in the 40 to 60 age group who wishes to do so can gradually report to the GGD for a repeat shot (or first shot if you didn’t get it before).

Maarten van Rossem gets nothing on the mat again

Every Dutch person receives a letter about vaccination, except for one. Maarten van Rossem, who presents himself Subway yesterday also spoke about the new transgender law, was with On 1 to Ernst Kuipers. “Let’s listen to this expert by experience about the different rounds”, minister Van Rossem gave the floor. ‘As usual, I had not received a letter,’ reported the man who ‘was on the phone at the GGD last March’. “Probably there is a government agency that prevents that. But my wife did get one. He called. Of course I was terrified that I would push ahead again, so I thought ‘never mind’. My wife said ‘can my husband come too?’ That’s what happened, I was allowed to go too. The GGD had a great location, where it was – I would say – not really busy, but there were quite a lot of people anyway. In addition, there was a whole new procedure, in which the persons to be vaccinated were lined up in rows. The vaccinating staff drove by in a cart along that row.”

“It goes a lot faster, isn’t it”, Kockelmann expected. Van Rossem: „Not only that. But, as you know, you have to sit there for ten minutes to see if you die. So you can stay in the same chair. That’s nice. I have to say: it ran like clockwork.”

Does Ernst Kuipers expect a new lockdown?

“Nice to hear,” Ernst Kuipers responded. “Compliments to the GGD.” But does the minister actually fear a new lockdown? Fleur Agema of the PVV thinks that that will almost be the case. Kuipers does not see it that way. He reported last night that the biggest problem for society is the number of sick people sitting at home. As far as he is concerned, the pressure on healthcare is much less the case with the current corona variant than we have seen in the past two years.

He wants to say to Agema: “There is no lockdown at all yet. We also want to stay away from that. There is currently a proposal in the House of Representatives for an amendment to the public health law. That is still being discussed. Until that law is in place, there can be no new lockdown at all.” After which Ernst Kuipers ended a bit more cryptically with: “Only an emergency measure.”

For those who want to look back on Op1, you can do so here.

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