Johan Derksen surprises VI viewers with cocaine statements

the gentlemen of Today Inside discussed the suggestion to legalize cocaine last night. And there did VI-face Johan Derksen quite a number of striking statements. For example, he wondered whether cocaine is really much more harmful than smoking a cigar. And not all viewers agreed with those comments.

On Friday, Amsterdam mayor Femke Halsema stated that the cocaine trade could be legalized. A few days later, Justice and Security Minister Dilan Yesilgöz quickly dismissed that comment. minister Yesilgöz is convinced that the government can win the fight against drug crime. And the men of Today Inside wanted to go back to the minister’s words last night.

Legalization of cocaine discussed at Today Inside

Because Derksen questions the certainty of Yesilgöz. “All my life, and I’m quite old, I’ve seen people around me using plenty of cocaine. They can buy it anywhere and the underworld is taking advantage of that.” After which Derksen argues for the legalization of the white powder. “Everyone is already using it. Let the medical world make it clear how harmful this is. Is a nose full of cocaine more harmful than smoking a cigar?”

Presenter Wilfred Genee and VI-guest Ben van der Burg react with surprise to Derksen’s statements. After which René van der Gijp and Derksen emphasize that too much alcohol or McDonalds are also bad for a person. “You can’t compare McDonalds to cocaine. I think this is going quite far,” says Van der Burg.

Johan Derksen: ‘Don’t be afraid of cocaine’

“You shouldn’t be so afraid of cocaine. I grew up in a world where everyone used cocaine.” Then he tells a story about a musician friend of his. “He has played without his nose once in fifty years.”

According to Derksen, Halsema spoke these words about legalization out of desperation. “The underworld in Amsterdam is so active and that causes so much crime in such a city.” And according to Van der Gijp, people are still responsible for certain choices. “Everyone understands that everything that says ‘too’ is bad, right?”

Surprised reactions from VI viewers

Although Derksen and Van der Gijp were on the same wavelength, many react VIviewers in the same way as Genee and Van der Burg. Not everyone agrees with Derksen’s words. Incidentally, not everyone appears to be against legalization. But comparing cocaine with cigars, many find that crazy.

You can watch Today Inside via KIJK.

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Johan Derksen surprises VI viewers with a comparison of cocaine and cigar smoking

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