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MusicHe sold out the Lotto Arena in March without any problems, but now Snelle is once again moving to smaller venues. Together with the Lieve Jongens Band, the Dutchman plays his ‘Tot Nu Toe(r)’ in smaller clubs, and he also provides several stops in our country. “And then I hope to write a song for Pommelien Thijs or Camille. They are doing really well.”

A few years ago he still worked in a hotel for six hundred euros a month, today the Dutch rapper Snelle (27) strings together the successes. His two albums – ‘Twenty-four’ and ‘Lars’ – did extremely well, he was the first artist from the Low Countries to receive his own Netflix documentary and last summer there was ‘Kijk Ons Nou’ – his monster hit with Metejoor . “And now there is that club tour”, says the Dutchman while slurping from a cappuccino. “We still do a show where you can dance and jump, but it’s more intimate. Secretly I like that the most: then you are closer to the audience, and – in my opinion – it is more about the music. The audience gets to hear songs that I’ve made from 2015 to now.”


The rapper is surprised that he is coming to Belgium with his tour. “I had no idea I’m so popular with you,” it sounds. “Or yes: when I filled the Lotto Arena, I realized that. (laughs) With the upcoming shows I want to further conquer Belgium.” Snel does not immediately have an explanation for his success in our country. “My best guess is that you guys really like lyrics, and mine likes the positivity in them. But is that really the reason? No idea.”

The love he gets in Belgium is – Lars assures us – mutual. “When I write songs, it’s always in your country. ‘Kijk Ons Nou’ was also created during such a session, my duet with Metejoor. I had met Joris a while before, in the full corona period. He then played a one and a half meter concert at Rock Werchter, and I was very impressed. I asked him to come over to one of my writing sessions, and he did. Originally the intention was to come up with songs for him. But it was so much fun that we suddenly made a song together.”

The two decided to perform the song as a duo as well. “As a result, I saw your country a lot last summer,” the Dutchman laughs. “It definitely leaves me wanting more. In the future I would like to collaborate more often with Belgian artists. I would like to write a song for Pommelien Thijs or CAMILLE. They are really doing well, and I think their songs are so cool. What if they say ‘no’ to my offer? Well, then I’m going to cry on the couch. (laughs)”

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