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BrugesIn the prison of Bruges there has been power again since 4.30 pm on Friday, after two days of electricity problems. When the emergency generator also broke down on Friday, all activity within the walls came to a standstill. In the end they got the diesel engines up and running again, but they now seem to be sputtering again, VTM NIEUWS reports. As a result, only a minimum of electricity is available. The telephone in the cells is available again and the television could also be switched on again. “They hope that the problems will be solved by Monday.”

Due to the power outage, an emergency and intervention plan had come into effect and the guards received support from civil defense and local police. Emergency lighting was also provided in case the blackout continued. That was not unthinkable. The institution had to deal with just as many blackouts in just two days. The emergency generator was put into operation to bridge the weekend after the electricity went out for the first time on Thursday morning.

On Friday afternoon, however, disaster struck. Just before 3 p.m., the emergency generator also went out. The prison was thus confronted with two blackouts in as many days. In the meantime, the Buildings Agency started looking for an external emergency generator, while awaiting a possible repair of the emergency generator. Around 4.30 pm there was (for now) good news: the diesel engines of the emergency generators were running again thanks to a new pump.


Spokeswoman Kathleen Van De Vijver previously said that every detainee is in a cell and that the general power failure did not cause major tensions. Visitors were able to leave the prison during the breakdown and inmates on a walk were escorted back to the building. An emergency and intervention plan went into effect and civil defense and local police went to the scene to provide support to the guards.

The emergency generator now serves to bridge the weekend, as the original electricity problem could not be addressed until Monday at the earliest. “In such a situation, priority is always given to the safety of staff and detainees,” says Alain Blancke of the ACV. “It is important that we can provide those people with their basic needs. It is now important that a structural solution is found. comes in the long run.”

Cold meal

Another striking fact: according to our information, the guards were asked on Thursday to bring a cold meal and if possible also a flashlight. At the Prisons they do not want to confirm or elaborate on it. According to our information, the flashlight would rather be preventive and not because there is no lighting within the prison walls.

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