Holland’s Got Talent viewers surprised by the semi-final results

The first finalists of Holland’s Got Talent Are known. After a thrilling semi-final, it was up to the jury last night to determine which five acts were allowed to go through to the final and which five acts were not. But the result came as a surprise to the audience in the hall and the viewers at home.

The five acts that have been sent home will certainly be missed by the loyal viewers.

Nick blew judges with his audition Holland’s Got Talent

One of the acts where Holland’s Got Talent-viewers can’t stop talking about it, is the performance of Nick Sebrechts. During the auditions, he won the hearts of the jury and the public with a dance performance inspired by Michael Jackson. He danced to a piano version of the song Fly me to the moon by Frank Sinatra.

„Can he be Michael Jackson justice do this occur?” judge Dan Karaty wondered before the audition. But after a smashing performance, Karaty knew for sure. “Yes, he can.” The only thing Sebrechts had to pay attention to was his facial expression. “That face doesn’t have to do much,” Chantal Janzen gave as a tip.

Nick says goodbye to Michael Jackson in the semifinals

Sebrechts took the compliments and feedback to the semi-finals of Holland’s Got Talent and decided to do something completely different this time. “I say goodbye to Michael Jackson and show the real me in full.” On stage he put on a dance performance with all kinds of different dance styles, to a classical piano number.

The audience and viewers at home were impressed. The feedback from the jury was also overwhelmingly good: “It was beautiful,” Karaty began. “It felt personal and I really saw ‘you’ in the dance, instead of Michael Jackson.” Janzen agreed with Karaty: “This is you, that’s just great to watch.” She was also happy to see how Sebrechts had taken her feedback from the auditions into account.

Holland’s Got Talent-viewers amazed at the result

But unfortunately for Sebrechts: the jury did not mention his name during the announcement of the finalists. To the incomprehension of many viewers at home. “The only act I was really quiet about!” tweeted one viewer. “Don’t get it at all!! This is talent, this was so good, pure and beautiful,” commented another viewer. Yet another viewer tweeted: “Unbelievable that Nick didn’t make it to the final! Such a fantastic dancer! Shame about this choice.”

The acts that could celebrate last night were the ten-year-old break dancer Siego, the ‘mermaid’ Clio Togni, the dance group Life Family and the country singer Bart van Gijn. Rapper Noah, who surprised his own father in the audience during the semi-final, also got a place in the final.

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Holland’s Got Talent viewers surprised by the semi-final results: ‘Don’t get it at all’

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