Jaime King’s estranged husband Kyle Newman claims she’s 9 months behind in support payments

Exes Jaime King and Kyle Newman split in 2020 and are fighting over money. (Photo: Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic)

Jaime King’s estranged husband, Kyle Newman, claims she’s not paying her court-mandated child and spousal support leaving him “in dire straits.”

In court documents obtained by Yahoo Entertainment, the Fanboys director says his actress and model ex, from whom he split in May 2020, is nine months behind in support. Per their agreement established earlier this year, King is to pay at least $429 in child support and $1,000 in spousal support each month. She hasn’t and Newman, who shares sons James, 9, and Leo, 7 with King, claims he’s broke as a result.

“Jaime has historically been the breadwinner of this family while Kyle’s career as a writer and director was put on hold so that Kyle could be the stay-at-home parent,” the declaration says, citing King’s many roles on TV (Heart of Dixie) and in movie (Sin City, Pearl Harbor). “They lived an upper-class lifestyle, living in and remodeling their former family residence in the Trousdale Estates section of Beverly Hills, they drove luxury cars, traveled to exotic destinations and also regularly employed several full-time nannies to help care for their children .”

Newman — who welcomed another child with girlfriend Cynthia Nabozny in 2021 — claims King “has refused to pay … child or spousal support at all, leaving Kyle and their children in dire straits. While Jaime still has several nannies help her care for the children Kyle has not been able to afford childcare … and has fallen deeply into debt, including having to withdraw funds from his retirement account just to meet his monthly expenses. also has considerable credit card debt and owes money to family members.”

Their current support schedule — which also includes 26 percent of King’s salary if she earns over $175,344 per year (under the Ostler/Smith order) — was implemented in April and he’s still not been paid, he claims. Further, he alleges that King “completely drained” retirement accounts they shared of over $500,000. She also listed the family home for sale for $2.8 million without Newman’s knowledge or consent, and the proceeds of approximately $1.5 million are now frozen in escrow.

While Newman has resumed working as a director and is trying to re-establish his career, he can’t afford his $6,000 rent or cover child care costs. Also, his legal fees continue to grow — and claims that is due to King “engaging in bad faith custody litigation,” including frequently changing her lawyers and filing “baseless” court motions. He also claimed King originally tried to sell their family home and receive only $75,000 from the sales in an effort to keep Newman from getting money.

He alleges that King is refusing to disclose her income earnings, so he has no idea how much she is actually making. However, he notes her lead role and producer title in Netflix’s Black Summer in 2021 resulted in a $616,000 paycheck alone. That year, her movie Out of Death with Bruce Willis and Code Name Banshee with Antonio Banderas have been released.

While this is all being sorted out, Newman wants $700,000 from the house sale to pay for his legal fees. Also, he wants King to be sanctioned in the amount of $50,000.

King and Newman were married for 12 years when King filed for divorce in May 2020. She also filed a domestic violence prevention petition and an emergency motion related to child custody and visitation, as well as a temporary restraining order. Newman filed for sole custody of their sons in November of that year. They have since been battling over the support as well as custody and visitation.

A rep for King has not yet responded to Yahoo’s request for comment.

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