Director Taken drops tough war film about real mission

meet The Ambush a new war film from the director of Tasks. Based on a truestory, he delivers a nerve-racking thriller.

A Marvel movie here, a drama movie there: the cinemas are often dominated byonly a handful of blockbusters.

Hello Hollywood

It is a trend that has only become more extreme over the past twenty years.Studios are taking fewer risks and investing mainly in giant franchises. Themiddle segment between indie films and blockbusters has almost completelydisappeared.

Yet there is another segment, outside of Hollywood. Western directors areregularly flown in by, for example, China to direct an action film, usuallyintended as propaganda material for the rest of the world. A Hollywood copy,intended to spread a political message. The Intriguing Book The Red Carpet_delves into this phenomenon, among other things. It’s a fascinating _read ifonly because of the glimpses into the Chinese propaganda kitchen.

War film by director Taken

Anyway, you didn’t come here for a book, but for Al Kameen internationallyknown as The Ambush. In recent years, the director of the original Taken wascalled in by the United Arab Emirates to make a war film. The result is a warthriller that was released there last year and immediately became the largestArabic-language film in the Arab Gulf countries.

This year we can finally see the final product. The Ambush , as the film isinternationally called, is therefore directed by the French filmmaker PierreMorel. Next Tasks he also delivered the nice The Gunman in 2015, starringSean Penn.

True story

The Ambush is based on the true story of a team of soldiers from the UnitedArab Emirates. During the 2018 Yemen War, they are ambushed by rebel soldiersduring a routine patrol in a valley.

When their armored vehicle is attacked by heavy enemy gunfire and trapped in aremote ravine, three soldiers desperately wait for rescue. As troops arrive tohelp, they too are ambushed. Their last hope is a daring rescue missionplanned by their brave commander.

So expect a spectacular war thriller in which it is nice and clear who the_good_ and who the bath guys to be. But hey, movies like American Sniper_and _Top Gun do the exact same thing. That is also pure marketing for the USmilitary.

The Ambush: coming soon?

So put your mind to zero, and enjoy an entertaining war film. Scores on IMDb_The Ambush_ so far a creditable 7.1, there are no reviews registered onRotten Tomatoes yet.

In any case, the first international trailer promises a lot. Now the questionis whether we will also see the war film here. in America it will be incinemas from October 28, and it will be available digitally from November 1.

Chances are that The Ambush skip the cinemas here and directly from then ondemand will be available. Hopefully from November 1st.

To be continued very soon! Already in the mood for a war movie? Check out ourlist of the best movies from the genre on Netflix.