Tim Hofman angry with comedian who wants makers of corona film dead

Tim Hofman is angry with comedian and actor George van Houts. The latter wasquite fierce yesterday against the makers of a video to get your repeat shotagainst corona. He wishes them dead, because their work was “so bad that itcarries the death penalty.” But those words go wrong with Tim Hofman.

Yesterday, Minister of Health Ernst Kuipers posted a promotional video to geta repeat shot against corona. The video will also be shown on television inthe near future, the minister wrote. It is part of a new corona campaign thathas been rolled out.

But George van Houts, winner of The smartest person in 2016 and known forseveral theatrical performances, is disgusted by the video. “This is horror inevery way imaginable. Acidic bad commercial in a death-threatening humorousinfantile tone”, he initially responded in an unmistakable manner. But itdidn’t stop there.

Putting the #repeat> shot> is in full swing. To point out this possibility to as many people as> possible, this TV spot can be seen from today. This spot is part of a new> corona campaign that reminds people of the importance of following the basic> advice. pic.twitter.com/JqxbGBwuaY>> — Ernst Kuipers (@ministerVWS) October 17,> 2022

Comedian wishes corona video makers dead

Moments later, he went one step further. He also wrote what he thought of thefilmmakers, or rather: what he thought should be done with them. “Doeseveryone want to dox (publish privacy data online, ed.) and/or shoot thesepeople as soon as possible. Quartering or beheading followed by skull spikesis also allowed, but that might be too nasty.” he gave free rein to hiscreativity.

Why did he wish the filmmakers dead like that? “Their work is so bad that, inmy opinion, it is punishable by death. Sorry. Sorry,” he added, before postingall the names of the makers who were involved in the video online.

And that tweet, which is still online at the time of writing, does not sitwell with many people. “It’s pretty special that a tweet (in my opinionclearly punishable) like this has been online for 15 hours,” someone writes.Even the police are interfering in the Twitter conversation. He says that hecannot act immediately, but refers twitterers to the declaration page on theirown website. “Then it ends up with the right colleagues.”

Tim Hofman calls on his own followers to take action. “This man really needsto get some good legal punches on his evil nose. We can at least get himremoved from Twitter with his threats with reporting.” Hofman also spoke aboutdeath threats this summer, when it was about the threats against him.

this guy really needs to get some good legal punches on his evil nose. We> can at least get him removed from Twitter with his threats with reporting.