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Everyone knows it: in the run-up to a party, the first lies already come. “Not sure if I’ll go” or “I’m going to take it easy from now on.” Anyone who walks around a festival (every round is different) hears one excuse after another. Those phrases you already know: that will never happen.

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1. “I’ll be right back, wait here!”

When you have just settled in at an internship and the DJ is playing his hardest records, your mate suddenly comes to you: “I’m away for a while, wait here for me.” You only half hear it and see him leave so now you understand what he has said. You just carry on with what you were doing and think you’ll see him again. But on his way to the toilet, bar or whatever he meets ‘a few acquaintances’. Two groups of friends, 10 kilometers and 3 hours later he comes back to you. Of course he has been through a lot and is not afraid to tell you all about it.

2. “I already know EXACTLY which DJs I’m going to”

Especially at big events it is sometimes hell to choose between certain sets. Some real planners make their own timetable in advance with the DJs where they want to go. “I’m really going to stick to my own timetable, because I want to go to these DJs.” Once you’ve arrived at the festival, you might stick to the first few sets, but after a set or three, that entire timetable can go in the trash. You’re just going to stay with an internship, because it’s much cooler there than where you would go in the first place.

3. “We still have the whole weekend, so take it easy on Friday”

When entering a weekend festival, you naturally still have a whole weekend ahead of you. You have already held a consultation with your friends in advance and come to the conclusion that you should take it easy on Friday, because ‘you still have the whole weekend’. As soon as your tent is set up, the music is turned on and you are completely in the mood, that appointment is forgotten again. Saturday morning you just wake up broke just like any other day on the weekend.

4. “I’m NOT going to afteren”

The festival is over and it’s time to go home again, or an after. With the last set the speculation about the location of the after starts: “At your place?” Sometimes you keep yourself strong and say you’re not going, because after all you’ve had it all day. Once you’ve left the festival, you’ve already reconsidered that decision and you’re standing in the party’s parking lot or an hour later having dinner at a buddy’s house.

5. “Everything about this party sucks: but I’ll be there next year anyway”

You know them: the biggest festival critics who always know better. They’re just short of clipboards across the dance floor, as their extensive research shows that “the lineup was much better last year” and that the party they’re attending “really isn’t what it used to be.” You could almost say that this grumbler chooses eggs for his money, but guess what.. Like a jack of all trades, you come across this rave researcher jumping for happiness at the previously much-criticized party: “This really is the best festival ever!”

6. “Poh, that was another party for me… Now that’s enough for a while”

When that after is finally over and you come together again the next day and exchange all the stories, there is always that one person: “That was another intense party, now I’m not going for a while.” A large part of the group has to laugh again, because that is really not going to happen. In no time at all you and the entire festival group will be going completely crazy at a party.

Festival and excuses, they go hand in hand. What lie is still missing from this list? Let us know in the comments!

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