Paul Haenen vehemently against Anouar Diba at HLF8: ‘Homoly hate Muslims’

The ‘One Love’ captain’s armband that Feyenoord footballer Orkun Kökçü refusedto wear because of his religious beliefs was discussed on just about everytalk show last night. Likewise with HLF8 and that led to a heateddiscussion. Comedian and actor Paul Haenen and former football player AnouarDiba were diametrically opposed in a discussion about homophobia.

Kökçü did not want to wear the captain’s armband, which is intended as astatement against discrimination, because of his faith. Diba believes that noone should be forced into certain actions. In addition, according to Diba,Kökçü was not aware that the band was intended as an anti-discriminationstatement, rather than a statement for the LGBTQ+ community.

Paul Haenen in discussion with Anouar Diba about homophobia

“We as Muslims don’t have to discuss that, we’re just not going to wear it,”Diba refers to a band that would be intended as support for the LGBTQcommunity. “That is not allowed by our faith. If you don’t respect that, youdon’t respect us either. We are against any form of discrimination, only youcannot force someone to wear such a band.” The former football player believesthat Feyenoord could have made a statement by standing behind their captain.

“Isn’t it nice that it becomes clear where homophobia comes from?”, Haenenhooks in, who is also known with his alter-ego Dominee Gremdaat. “That wedon’t pretend that the whole of the Netherlands is very tolerant. That we allwear a band and then beat up gays. I think it’s good that he doesn’t wear itand that you immediately know: ‘That’s where the homophobia comes from’. Let’snot call each other sissies and be clear about that.”

Fierce discussion at HLF8 table

Diba turns towards Haenen. “Where do you think homophobia comes from?” AndHaenen is adamant about that: “From you, among others.” Then Diba asks if theactor himself is gay. “A lot of Muslims, that’s where the homophobia comesfrom,” says Haenen. After which the former football player emphasizes that italso comes from “a lot of Jews”. But Haenen continues: “And from strictevangelical people, it is widespread, the homophobia. And that has to comeout.” After which Diba emphasizes that after the comedian’s words we also”know where discrimination comes from”.

There is some commotion at the table about the meaning of the band. Dibastates that he will not have the discussion with Haenen because it is “not hislevel”. After which dinner guest Jack van Gelder mentions that he finds that abit “easy”. Van Gelder stands up for Haenen and gets into an altercation withthe former football player. Then presenter Hélène Hendriks intervenes. “We canalso just keep it civil and respect everyone’s opinion.”

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‘Captain’s belt fake tolerance’

Later Haenen tells that he is against imposing such a band for footballplayers. “I’d rather it be clear where the hatred comes from. And thatsomething is being done about it and that we do not have an apparenttolerance.”

During the discussion, Diba sticks to his position and believes that everyonecan have their own opinion. When Hendriks ends the table conversation, Dibaemphasizes that he “as long as that gentleman does not come to sit at thetable”, after which he points to Haenen, he thinks it is “nice”.

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