André Hazes about addictions: ‘I’m just ashamed of myself when I see this’ Instagram

with videoThe alcohol and cocaine addiction of André Hazes (28) was so intense last year that he was on stage several times under the influence. The singer tells that in the five-part Videoland documentary André Hazes, which just released a trailer. “I’m just ashamed of myself.”

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Hazes resigned from all his activities on 17 September 2021 and went into therapy in Spain for six weeks. In the weekend before he traveled, he used so much alcohol and cocaine that he said he ‘destroyed himself’. ,,I was happy when I made it the next morning. That’s how bad it was,” he recalls. Monique Westenberg tells in the documentary series how she saw with sadness how her ex-lover and father of her child started to use narcotics more and more. ,,I saw that he was on stage with drugs. I see it right on him. He’s never done that before. Never!”

André Hazes drank too much. © Still Videoland

Hazes was followed for two years, from the end of 2020, by the Flemish documentary maker Cheeru Mampaey. In addition to the singer, she also lets Monique Westenberg, mother Rachel Hazes, cousin Djarno Hofland and colleagues speak. Sister Roxeanne refused to cooperate. His ex-girlfriend Sarah van Soelen, for whom Hazes left his fiancée Monique Westenberg in 2021, was initially followed, but those images were removed at her request after the relationship with Hazes ended.

,,I’m not going to say that I jumped a hole in the air that she didn’t want to cooperate anymore, but it was only short pieces. I don’t feel like I’m missing that now. She will be mentioned. If we had kept her silent, it would have been a different story,” says maker Mampaey, who talks about the making process of the documentary on this site on Wednesday evening. The documentary André Hazes will be on Videoland next Thursday.

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