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James Corden has apologized after he misbehaved in a New York restaurant. Keith McNally, the owner of the well-known catering business, spat his gal on Instagram about the talk show host and even banned him. It’s now all over again between the two. “I strongly believe in second chances,” said McNally.

Yesterday was the end of Keith McNally: for the second time, Corden had been extremely rude in his restaurant. James Corden is an incredibly talented comedian, but a secret of a man. He is the rudest customer my staff has experienced since the restaurant opened 25 years ago,” McNally wrote to his nearly 80,000 followers on Instagram.

McNally then outlined what had happened. For example, during one of his visits to the restaurant, Corden found a hair in his food. McNally said that “unfortunately this could happen”, but Corden was said to have been furious and was not satisfied with the manager’s apology. He therefore demanded a free round of the house and wanted all the drinks he had ordered to be taken off the bill. If the manager didn’t, Corden would leave a scathing review on online platform Yelp.

According to McNally, it didn’t stop with that one issue. Corden recently came for brunch with his wife on October 9. She ordered an omelette with Gruyere and salad, but found that some egg whites had been mixed with the yolk. The manager asked the kitchen to remake her order, but then it went wrong again: instead of a salad, she got fries. “You’re really bad at your job. Maybe I should get in the kitchen and make an omelette myself,” Corden is said to have yelled at the waiter.

Second Chances

The restaurant owner didn’t like Corden’s statements and decided to ban him from his business. However, Corden found out that McNally had lashed out at him on social media and so decided to call him and put on the robe. That worked at McNally, who writes in a new message today that the British comedian and presenter is welcome again after he has apologized. “I strongly believe in second chances,” said McNally.

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