Kees van der Spek unmasks a scammer à la Tinder Swindler

Kees van der Spek unmasked last night in his Scammers Tackled the scams of Brazilian Bruna. She blinded the victim Martin with love and managed to extort a lot of money. Bruna led a double life all this time.

Martin, originally from Poland, who lives in Apeldoorn, knows how to build up a successful entrepreneurial life in the Netherlands. The Brazilian Bruna spontaneously approaches him via Facebook and before Martin knows it, he falls for the charms of the Brazilian. Martin visits her in the South American country, where he sees that Bruna and her family are living in bad conditions. Martin, who himself lived in poverty in Poland, feels for her. Incidentally, Van der Spek recently revealed the dubious practices surrounding the program without trace, which also took place in South America.

Scammers Tackled Shows Love Makes Blind

And then it goes fast. Martin falls in love and he and Bruna live a true love story. With an engagement as the icing on the cake. But Martin has discovered that love makes blind. Only afterwards does he realize that Bruna frequently asks for money for two years. He estimates that he transferred 20,000 to 25,000 euros to his ‘great love’ and Bruna keeps postponing the upcoming marriage.

Great Love Bruna turns out to be a real scammer

When Martin decides to fly to Brazil as a surprise, he is in for a nasty surprise. His fiancé-to-be isn’t happy at all that Martin unexpectedly shows up on the doorstep. And Bruna seems to be a completely different person, in possession of expensive things and a man.

But filing a report in Brazil? That’s not worth it. And that is why Martin enlists the help of a lawyer, private detective and Van der Spek. It turns out that Bruna is part of a real gang that scam Europeans. Several women are connected to these scams and even during Martin’s quest with Van der Spek, he gets another Facebook invitation, from a new Brazilian woman.

Confrontation between Kees van der Spek, Martin and Bruna

Ultimately, as we know from Van der Spek, it is time for the confrontation with the con artist. Bruna ‘just’ lives with her partner Allison in Lapa, Brazil, and denies all allegations as soon as Van der Spek and Martin are in front of her. On the contrary, she even goes to the police, after which it is eventually Martin himself who ends up in a cell, because Bruna accuses him of threats.

But the proverb ‘No matter how fast the lie is, the truth will catch up with it’, also appears in this episode of Scammers Tackled applicable. The lawyer and private detective who had been engaged continued their investigation all the time and presented this themselves to the Brazilian police. Which eventually Van der Spek and Martin promise that they will start an investigation into the scammer. Finally, Martin promises that he will in any case only look for a woman in Poland or the Netherlands.

You watch Scammers Tackled back via RTL.

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Kees van der Spek unmasks a scammer à la Tinder Swindler

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