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Nature at 2: China: Nature’s Ancient Kingdom – Episode 1

More than 1.4 billion people live in China and the country has overcrowded cities where residents live crammed together. It is also a country with impressive nature and countless special animals. A project has been started in the country to protect the flora and fauna. Ten locations have been designated as protected areas and this documentary series shows how beautiful nature is in these national parks.

Inspection Service of Value

Inspection Service of Value each time, let’s think about what we’re actually putting in our mouths. This time, the program makers are investigating sun-dried tomatoes. We throw them in salads and on pizzas, but are they really sun-dried, as the name implies, or do they just come from the factory? And are they actually tomatoes? The program previously focused on shrimp: ‘If we cut off the eye of a shrimp, they can reproduce every week’.

Inspectorate van Waarde about sun-dried tomatoes. © KRO-NCRV

At Ons Op Het Kamp – start season 3

The Netherlands has approximately 35,000 people who live in a caravan, spread over more than 1,100 camps. In the third season of the reality series With us At The Camp the focus is again on a number of caravan dwellers, who give us a glimpse into their lives. To this day, those camps are often viewed with a skewed eye. Because who are those strangers behind those great walls and fences of the camp? And what do those people do there all day? ‘People see caravan dwellers as different people. We are often labeled criminal’, says Bappie Tetteroo, who was followed for the program.

Wrong But Gold

Chantal Janzen’s latest game show is coming to an end and the question is whether there will be a new season. Viewers were in fact quite critical of the program that TV hits such as The Masked Singer and I love Holland tried to copy, with a mystery guest and two panels that had to answer light-hearted questions. The first episode of Fout maar Goud attracted 815,000 viewers in August.

Wrong but Gold with Gerard Joling, Chantal Janzen and Marieke Elsinga.
Wrong but Gold with Gerard Joling, Chantal Janzen and Marieke Elsinga. © William Rutten

Louis Theroux’s Forbidden America

Louis Theroux returns to America to investigate the influence of the internet on various subcultures, such as the hip-hop scene. The British journalist travels to Florida and sees up close how rappers become stars on social media, but struggle to leave their violent lives behind. They make music about their crimes and argue with other rappers. The mutual rivalry regularly leads to shootings, prison terms and deaths.

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