This is what presenter Sophie Hilbrand looked like at the beginning of her career

In 2003 the program started on SBS 6 6pack. It was a series in which young program makers made high-profile television and competed against dullness. In the following years, Sophie certainly did not continue to do boring work. In 2004 she joined broadcaster BNN. There she started the program a year later Squirt and Swallow, together with Filemon Wesselink, among others. She was also seen in Try Before You Die.

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Climate Police

A high-profile performance by Sophie was the interruption of the weather forecast in the NOS Journaal. Together with Nicolette Kluijver she came on behalf of the BNN program The Climate Police asked weatherman Gerrit Hiemstra to pay more attention to the climate. However, the action was not very popular with the editor-in-chief of the NOS Journaal, who had not foreseen the visit of the two ladies.

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talk shows

In the meantime, Hilbrand has created and presented many more programs. She was also a regular table guest The world goes on. In 2020, Sophie came back into the picture with the general public because she joined the talk show On 1 connected. There she presented together with Hugo Logtenberg. More than a year later she stopped and returned with Khalid Kasem with their own talk show in the eve called Khalid & Sophie.

Private life

In the autumn of 2006 Hilbrand got into a relationship with actor Waldemar Torenstra. Together they had daughter Robin (13) and son Ravi (10). Sophie was proposed to by Waldemar five years ago, but there is still no question of a wedding. In the sixteen years that Sophie and Waldemar have been together, there has never been a moment when they have doubted their relationship. “They say you shouldn’t take love for granted,” Sophie told Story in 2020. ‘But that’s how it feels with Waldemar and me. Our love doesn’t feel special. It even seems to get easier over the years. We know so well what we have in common. There is also a lot of mutual contact. We really focus on our family.’

What’s in the barrel…

The Op1 presenter once indicated that she only wanted to get married when their children are big enough. But a date has still not been set. ‘I proposed to Sophie, full of conviction,’ Waldemar told de Volkskrant at the time. “I like to say ‘my fiancé’ and look forward to getting married someday. I’m definitely going to, if only because Sophie likes it so much. Don’t get me wrong: I think it’s a romantic idea that you love each other so much that you want to stay together for the rest of your life.’ Sophie does not yet know when they will get married. “What’s in the barrel doesn’t sour,” she told Story. “It’s just a lot of hassle to get married, but it will definitely happen one day.”

Sophie Hilbrand – 6 pack 2003

Sophie Hilbrand – 6 pack 2003

Sophie Hilbrand – 6 pack 2003

Sophie Hilbrand – summer presentation BNN 2004

Sophie Hilbrand – Try Before You Die 2005

Sophie Hilbrand – Try Before You Die 2006

Sophie Hilbrand – Try Before You Die 2007

Sophie Hilbrand with partner Waldemar Torenstra – 2017

Sophie Hilbrand with children – 2019

Sophie Hilbrand – Khalid & Sophie 2021

Has the presenter changed much? Or do you still recognize her?

Image: ANP, Peter Smulders

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