Watch trailers: the cinema releases of week 42 / News

There’s another superhero in the cinema. Or an antihero, actually. But fearnot; there is also a dutch romcom! Not good either? There are stillinteresting international releases and documentaries to watch from this week,as well as the film that will be the Dutch entry for the upcoming AcademyAwards.

Black Adam

Nearly 5,000 years ago, Teth “Black” Adam received the extraordinary powers ofthe ancient gods, after which he was soon imprisoned in a tomb. Now he is freeagain and ready to unleash his own form of justice on the modern world.


A close-knit family is disrupted when the father fails to resurface during aprofessional dive. No funeral, no goodbye, just a house full of memories.Burdened by the elusive loss, Merel evades her husband’s death and everythingrelated to it. Her young children become entangled in their search foranswers, eventually bringing the family to a hard stand. Merel has no choicebut to face the loss in her own unique way, to start a new life together.

Matter of Patience

Chef Monica has put a big stop to her childhood in the Limburg village ofNoorbeek. She has severed all ties and is now making waves with her dishes ina hotspot in Amsterdam. When she wants to open a new restaurant with herboyfriend, she is forced to go back to her roots to cut the last ties. In theLimburg village she soon comes face to face with her childhood sweetheart. Alot has changed over the years, but it turns out to be a lot more familiarthan she expected. Monica has to choose again: is her future really in the bigcity?

Las Bestias

Antoine and his wife Olga run an organic farm in a village in Galicia, thenorthwestern region of Spain. Although the French couple tries their best tointegrate into the community, the locals continue to see them as intruders.Their opposition to a wind farm strains relations, especially with brothersXan and Lorenzo, who are only too eager to scare the couple away with theirbullying. However, Antoine and Olga hold their ground, after which thesituation threatens to get completely out of hand.

mrs. Harris Goes to Paris

mrs. Harris Goes to Paris is the enchanting story of a seemingly ordinaryBritish housekeeper whose dream of owning a Christian Dior couture dress takesher on an extraordinary adventure to Paris.

Tori et Lokita

Of Tori et Lokita two-time Golden Palm winners Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardennehold up a mirror to the viewer. Their heartbreaking observations about thesociety we live in confront us with what we don’t want to see. Two teenagersfled Africa and ended up in Belgium. The harsh reality of refugee life bringsTori (Pablo Schils) and Lokita (Joely Mbundu) together. Together they try tobuild a life as brother and sister. A residence permit proves difficult toobtain, which means that they are cornered from various sides. Tori and Lokitaseem invisible to the world around them, but luckily they have each other

Wild Port of Europe

Hedgehogs, polecats, lesser black-backed gulls, a kestrel, rabbits and evenseals and exotic mitten crabs. Wild Port of Europe takes you into theunexpected story of these and other animals that live in the largest andbusiest port area in Europe. In a landscape where people are constantlychanging everything, they seize their opportunities and often make remarkable