Neighborhood cannot object to ADE party due to wrong municipality: “Cups vibrate from my cupboard”

Thousands of partygoers have been gathering for the Amsterdam Dance Event for several days in De Hollandsche Manege on the Overtoom. Nice for them, but the neighborhood gets less pleasure from it. They experience nuisance, but were not given the opportunity by the municipality to object to the event permit. It was published too late, much to the chagrin of local residents. “The municipality must abide by its own rules.”

You must apply for a permit for all major events. The municipality publishes the applications and the approvals on a website. Once the permit has been granted, Amsterdammers will have six weeks to object. In the case of the ADE party in the Hollandsche Manege, the permit was only published after questions from AT5 and NH Nieuws, and only after the event had already started.

“It feels like we have no right to speak,” says Wendy, who does experience a lot of trouble from the party. She lives about ten meters from the riding school. “It’s like I’m in a disco in my own house.”

The Dutch Riding School

“Not one permit that I have seen has gone according to the rules”

cees, local resident

Local resident Cees is also concerned about the party, but especially about the communication from the municipality. “You have six weeks to object, so that the municipality can also see if they want to reconsider the decision, but that is not possible now.” Cees has checked several event permits that have been published and concludes: “With none of the permits that I have seen, it has gone according to the rules. The municipality must also adhere to its own rules.”

Objection from last year still not dealt with

Communication about permits granted is therefore too late, and action is also not taken on time when a notice of objection is submitted. Last year a local resident objected, also to the event in De Hollandsche Manege. Last October 13, she received a message that her objection has still not been processed. Residents therefore do not stand a chance themselves, if they can submit a notice of objection on time.

no art

“We want to do everything we can to minimize the pressure on the neighborhood”

organization ade party


The West district says that the municipality has entered into discussions with the organization and the neighborhood prior to the event. Additional measures have been taken on the basis of the discussion and the experiences of last year. For example, an external company is said to monitor the noise level, special speakers have been installed to reduce disturbance from the bass and traffic controllers have been deployed to ensure that parking runs smoothly.

However, the municipality admits that an error was made in publishing the permit. On October 14, the application was accidentally republished instead of the granted permit. ADE starts on October 19.

The organization of the party also emphasizes the additional measures and says it is ‘extremely unfortunate’ that local residents experience nuisance. “We informed local residents in a conversation that we are doing everything we can to minimize the pressure on the neighborhood.” The organization has therefore decided to hold the event until 11 p.m. and lock the visitors out per 150 people.

‘Live and let live’

Local resident Cees thinks that the measures will be of no use. “You keep feeling the music,” he says. “Don’t get me wrong, I get that they want to have a party here, because it’s a beautiful location. A pearl in the city, but it’s in the middle of a residential area.” Wendy agrees. “I’m all for live and let live, but we have to take each other into account.”

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