Record candidate Holland’s Got Talent has to leave the field

Lisette Brillemans may not be the greatest talent in our country, but one thing is certain: the flamboyant pianist is a go-getter. After six auditions (!) she finally made it to the semi-finals of Holland’s Got Talent to kick, but there the curtain fell. Judge Dan Karaty urges her to leave it at that.

Brillemans was first seen in the program eleven years ago. She auditions five times over the years, but is always sent home unceremoniously. Until this year. Not because the judges have finally seen the light, but because presenters Jamai and Buddy press the golden buzzer and give her a place in the semifinals. Last week was the first semi-final, last night the second.

Holland’s Got Talent semi-final

Dressed in a glittery dress and a boa, Brillemans ascends the stage. She performs her musical skills on a golden piano, while two dancers move along to the music. “Please, keep going,” Jamai says as he watches her performance. Afterwards, she receives a thunderous applause and a standing ovation from the audience. “How did it go?” Jamai asks. “Okay, only in the beginning did things go wrong for a while,” Brillemans replies. When Buddy tells her not to say that, she jokes about it: “It went really well, from the start of course.”

And then it’s up to the jury. Chantal Janzen kicks off with praise for the candidate. “Dear Lisette, it was a very long road. It has never managed to get beyond an audition. Whatever happens next, it doesn’t matter anymore because it’s so pretty. You’ve just already won for yourself because you’ve moved on and you’ve never played as well as tonight. You should be very proud of that.”

Marc-Marie Huijbregts is also positive. “Lisette, what are you supposed to do with your life now that it’s all complete? It’s finished. The best moment for me was just before the end, when I also saw a kind of surprise on your own face that it worked. That you got through it. We were all delighted with you about it. That was very nice. My favorite moment of the performance. Except for the beautiful piano playing, very well done.”

Then it’s the turn of the critical Dan Karaty. “I have one question: was this it?” he asks, to the amusement of the audience. “No,” Brillemans replies firmly. Karaty says he deliberately didn’t press so she could finish the performance. “You made it to the semi-finals, you finished your performance. No red crosses. I don’t think it gets any better. Maybe you have to accept that this was it. You’ve done it and now it’s done.” Brillemans doesn’t want to hear about that. “I could do that, however, point one: this isn’t the final yet. And point two: Holland’s Got Talent without Lisette Brillemans is Holland’s Got Talent not.”

Twitter is a big fan of Brillemans

Brillemans may not have secured that dream spot in the final, but she has stolen the hearts of people at home. “Dear Lisette, I love what you do and maybe some acts are more special in performance, but you are indeed the queen of the show!” writes one viewer. “Does Lisette already have a fan club?” someone else wonders.

You can watch the semi-final of Holland’s Got Talent via RTL XL.

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Six times is not a charm: record candidate Holland’s Got Talent has to clear the field

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