Matthew Perry candid about relationship with Julia Roberts and exciting moment in broom closet with other actress

Julia Roberts and Matthew Perry had a secret relationship for several monthsduring the filming of Friends, until he decided to dump her. “I wasn’t enough,I could never be enough,” he says in his latest book Friends, Lovers and theBig Terrible Thing.

Friends cast in the 90s

Friends cast in the 90s — © BELGAIMAGE

In his new book – which will be released at the end of this month – Friendsactor Matthew Perry not only talks about his alcohol and drug abuse, but alsotalks about his relationships. One is the one with Julia Roberts.

Perry revealed that their secret romance began after the actress wasapproached by the crew to star in the sitcom. Producers urged him to contactRoberts, who had indicated that she would only guest-star if she were in astoryline with Chandler Bing, played by Perry. “I sent her red roses with acard saying that the only thing more exciting than the prospect of doing theshow with her was that I finally had an excuse to send flowers.” Not only didRoberts agree to do the show, but he also sent Perry a present. “Bagels, lotsof bagels,” he told The Times.

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And so began the romance between the two. “Three or four times a day I wouldsit by my fax machine and watch the slip of paper reveal her next message. Iwas so excited that some nights at a party I had a flirtatious conversationwith an attractive woman but cut off the conversation so I could race home tosee if a new fax had arrived. Nine times out of ten that was the case.” By thetime shooting started, they were a couple.

But just two months later, Perry dumped her. “A relationship with JuliaRoberts was too much. I was constantly convinced that she would break up. Whywouldn’t she? I wasn’t enough, I could never be enough. I was broken.” And sohe decided to break up.

Brad Pitt’s Exes

It is not the first time that Perry took his chance with an actress. JenniferAniston is said to have rejected him for the recordings of Friends. “Jenniferand I had met about three years earlier through mutual acquaintances. Iimmediately fell in love with her – how could it be otherwise – and I got thefeeling that she was intrigued too.

At the time, he had just been offered a part in two TV shows, news that he wasvery eager to share with the actress. “I called Jennifer and said, you’re thefirst person I wanted to tell this to,” he recalls. “Bad idea. I could feelthe ice forming through the phone. In hindsight, it was clear that this madeher think I liked her too much or in the wrong way. And I only made thatmistake worse by asking her out.” Aniston also refused, but indicated that shewould like to be friends. “And I made it worse by saying we couldn’t be.”

Another ex of Brad Pitt fell for his charms, because shortly before Friendsconquered the world in 1994, Matthew met actress Gwyneth Paltrow at a party inMassachusetts. “We disappeared into the broom closet and then kissed. It wasthe last summer of my life where I could do this at a party with a woman namedGwyneth and no one but me and Gwyneth cared,” said Perry.