Roxeanne Hazes ‘I have experienced a lot of emotional manipulation’

Roxeanne Hazes has a new single: No sorry. On the stage of Matthijs Continues she played the song last night and talked about the deeper meaning behind the song. Where there is always a lot to do about her brother André Hazes, especially after the controversial documentary that came out this week, people have a lot less to complain about Roxeanne. In fact, the viewers at home praise the singer.

Matthijs Continues is a BNNVARA program on Saturday evenings. Veteran Matthijs van Nieuwkerk presents the program, in which music, humor and moving conversations are central. Yesterday, among others, BLØF, Geike Arnaert, Roxeanne Hazes, Manon Spierenburg, MY BABY and Ronald Snijders performed their musical arts.

Van Nieuwkerk thinks it’s a beautiful record

Daughter Hazes says that she is doing very well. She is having a good time at the Beste Singers behind it, has dived back into the studio and is going on tour. And then there’s the new single. “I think it’s a really beautiful record,” says Van Nieuwkerk. He says that he has always been a fan of her music.

“Perhaps I’m imagining this, because André was your father, but André’s blues is in your songs,” thinks Van Nieuwkerk. “The pain, the melancholy.” Hazes: „It is funny that you say that. I think if I’ve inherited something from him… I’ve inherited a lot of things from him: things in my face or character traits. But the melancholy of his life, I think that is a bit the Hazes DNA that is in me. So I also notice that I find a lot in my own songs.”

Hazes: ‘Song is about gaslighting’

The singer wrote No sorry together with Kraantje Pappie „I wanted to make a song about gaslighting. A theme that is not yet discussed much in the Netherlands,” she says. Van Nieuwkerk asks if she can explain this term „gaslighting actually means emotional manipulation. That’s something I’ve been through quite a lot around me, so I wanted to make a song about it.” huhhe is not an angry song according to the Hazes scion. „It’s actually a very hopeful song, about someone who comes out of that and finds the strength again.”

“I will be a victim or a hero, but I am not the perpetrator,” Hazes finds the most beautiful sentence from the song. „This is how I express how a gaslighter twork goes. If you address someone about their actions, such as: ‘You are hurting me with this or I don’t like this’, you will often notice that someone says: ‘Yes, but you are doing this and how can you get over this? tell me.’ So that person is always the victim, the hero, but never the perpetrator.”

Bløf frontman Paskal Jakobsen recognizes a lot in the song. “It really hit me hard,” he says. “But that may also be because I also have people with a theatrical personality disorder in my very close environment. And you just have to deal with that. It arrives.”

Viewers are fans of Roxeanne Hazes

The viewers at home have a lot of praise for Hazes. The song is popular and so is the singer herself. “Once again, very impressed with Roxeanne Hazes. A top singer with a unique sound who always manages to amaze me,” writes one viewer. The comparison with other family members is also never far away. “That Roxanne is the best, nicest and smartest in that Hazes nest.”

You can watch Matthijs Goes Door via NPO Start.

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