Sander Schimmelpenninck for Block College Tour: ‘Blocked’

Sander Schimmelpenninck appeared at last night College Tour and the journalist is quite known for his strong opinions and Twitter squabbles. It is the students in the room who really put him to the test. Schimmelpenninck apparently blocked some of the students on Twitter.

Schimmelpenninck is quite a character. he is gborn in Twente, is of noble birth, was a member of the corps, labels himself as Casanova, does not call himself leftist, not empathetic and through his time as editor-in-chief of Quote a pretty negative view of the rich. Schimmelpenninck himself earns around half a million euros per year.

Sander Schimmelpenninck at College Tour

He will not continue to operate in the media world all his life, nor does he want to be the angry arguing man on Twitter forever. Then why does he do it? “Because I think it’s necessary.”

Presenter Twan Huys also addresses the criticism that regularly sounds about Schimmelpenninck. Among other things, about his fight against the gap between rich and poor, while he himself is quite a wealthy person. Schimmelpenninck says that he eand tons in the bank and has assets of about two million. He earns half a million euros per year. Schimmelpenninck believes that we should talk more easily about money and that people are paid too much. For example, he mentions that he chats for an hour with his best friend, aka his podcast The Self Podcast with Jaap Reesema, is overpaid.

Twan Huys about flying behavior Sander Schimmelpenninck

Schimmelpenninck appears to have little good to say about social media. “Why don’t you get rid of it then?” Huys says. “Then you hand it all over to the idiots. There is still a bit of counteracting to be done,” said the journalist. Although he is now, in his own words, regularly threatened by “extreme right-wing wappies”.

Schimmelpenninck’s statements about the climate are also discussed. Huys also cites his frequent air travel. Schimmelpenninck hates ‘pointing to individual behaviour’. He believes that people who fly a lot should speak out about the climate. “If flying became much more expensive, I would go to Sweden by bike if necessary.” Schimmelpenninck’s girlfriend is of Swedish descent and the journalist regularly travels to Scandinavia.

Critical students

But in addition to the questions from presenter Huys, it is mainly the students in the room who put Schimmelpenninck to the test. This is how it starts when student Maarten confronts him with the fact that the Schimmelpenninck family took the castle from his noble family. Something for which the journalist, somewhat humorously, apologizes.

Then it is the turn of another student who questions Schimmelpenninck. He addresses the criticism that Schimmelpenninck makes towards people, especially women, who work part-time. The student explains that working part-time is healthier and more productive and that this also happens a lot in Scandinavia. The student then emphasizes that Schimmelpenninck has blocked him on Twitter. “You have undoubtedly made it to,” responds the journalist. After which Huys asks the audience who else has been blocked by Schimmelpenninck. Student Sanne also raises her hand. She was initially a fan of Schimmelpenninck, but dropped out. She calls his political statements and opinion about the poverty gap and climate implausible, because he earns so much money himself. Schimmelpenninck can laugh about it, although he also found the survey somewhat uncomfortable.

Incidentally, the views among viewers appear to be divided about Schimmelpenninck’s performance. A selection of the responses:

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