‘Too bad, it tastes like more’

The Masked Singer again attracted the most viewers on Friday evening, Stichting KijkOnderzoek reports. The RTL 4 programme, presented by Ruben Nicolai, was seen by an average of 2.1 million people. And the viewers were again wildly enthusiastic, because who is behind those masks?

At the kick-off of the new season last week, The Masked Singer also the most watched program of the day. Then 2.2 million people sat in front of the TV wondering which singing celebrities are in the suits. But that shouldn’t spoil the fun, because what has been revealed in this episode?

Tigers, mummies and crabs in The Masked Singer

This season, fifteen celebrities will again compete with each other singing, but completely unrecognizable, while they are completely dressed in the most impressive suits. Also this week the panel duos Gerard Joling & Buddy Vedder and Carlo Boszhard & Loretta Schrijver took place in the panel of The Masked Singer.

This week Tiger, Mermaid, Krab, Mummy and Panda performed, with the audience and the panels going wild again. But unfortunately not everyone can go through to the next round… So of course there is one masked singer who has to reveal himself in this episode.

The Tiger kicks off

The Tiger is allowed the second episode of The Masked Singer kick off with a performance. Without hints, the panels have a hard time guessing who is behind the mask: “What was the name of that actor with that big nose who was often in films with Linda de Mol? Alex Klaasen!” Gerard Joling is already making an attempt to identify the Tiger. Maybe a few hints will help.

“The hunting season is open, and there is no one who is out of the woods today,” says the Tiger. “People also seem to know who I am abroad”, while a plane ticket to Antwerp can be seen. After a stunning performance by the Tiger, the speculation can begin. “Maybe it’s a dancer”, Loretta Schrijver wonders. Carlo Boszhard thinks Jeroen van Koningsbrugge is hiding in the Tiger’s suit, but of course he doesn’t get a clear answer.

‘I would have liked to continue’

The Mummy received the fewest votes, so the mask had to be removed after a crushing performance and a sing-off with the Mermaid. Panel member Buddy Vedder was soon right, maybe Toine van Peperstraten is behind the mask. And that turned out to be true. “I am especially disappointed that I was no longer allowed to showcase,” says Van Peperstraten after the unmasking. “I would have liked to have continued. I’m not a real singer, so I thought: does it sound good? But I am satisfied with the end result. I secretly hoped that no one would recognize it.” Unfortunately, he was unmasked. Van Peperstraten got the hang of singing: “It tastes like more.”

It was also enjoyed from the couch The Masked Singer. Viewers massively share their speculations about the participants.

Want to watch The Masked Singer? You can do that here.

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